Before going into detail I have to say this idea is hardly original and in fact I am straight up stealing it from a local player (Will don’t hurt me) that might have found a possible way to defeat Draigowing easily. What makes this dirty trick that much more sneaky is the codex you would have to use to pull it off.

Daemons anyone?

I know, I know how could a Daemon army stand up to such annoying list like Draigowing with all the re-rolling and Daemonbane running around? Not to mention Warp Quake if you take some normal Grey Knights. So what is the hidden nugget that every Daemon player should be using ASAP?

The answer is Flesh Hounds of Khorne!

Personally, I am Seeker man myself when it comes to Fast Attack slot of the Daemon codex. So when I saw my friend fiendishly assembling Khorne Dogs one day I had to ask why would one do such a thing with Seekers being so much better? His answer was simple, “Blood for the Blood God”. If you are confused let me explain.

All Khorne Dogs get the Khorne gift Blessing of the Blood God, so what does that do?

Blessing of the Blood God

The Damon Wears a heavy studded collar or similar ornamnt as a symbol of Khorne’s protection against magic. The Daemon has a 2+ invulnerable save against wounds caused by psychic powers or force weapons.

This was an OMG revelation. Take for instance a squad of 17 Khorne Dogs with Karanak for a cool 300 points. With that you can tie up any Draigo Paladin unit indefinitely. In simple terms any sizable squad of dogs that can get into assault with Paladins will be getting a 2+ invul against all their attacks.

Now let us dust off a few things about Khorne Dogs: they are Beasts, so chances you hitting the Draigo Wing before it can shoot you to death is high if you know what you are doing. As well, being Beasts means you can safely stay clear of any Warp Quake bubble and still get a charge off the next turn. Khorne Dogs also have str 5 on the charge and often go ahead of non-halberd wielding units. Of course the point is to tie up any Draigowing for most of the game. There is even snowball’s chance of getting lucky and winning a combat and cause the Paladins to break.

I would even go as far to say that I think Khorne Dogs should be mandatory for any Daemon list at this point. If you plan on playing them in a tourney you will face Grey Knights.

The best counter to the Dogs is shoot them dead besides that it becomes a sliding scale of bad options. The most amusing option is Purifiers hoping psycannon models can cause enough wounds.

I should have seen this coming last year; after watching a Khorne Daemon army at WargamesCon tearing shit up with blessings on Bloodthirsters, it just never occurred to me that all Flesh Hounds got that gift.