A month from now wargamers across the world will make their way to the biggest gathering of its kind. Adepticon tenth year anniversary and of course Blood of Kittens will be there. In addition to celebrating Adepticon special birthday Blood of Kittens will have one special and  important goal!

This year we are embarking on trip to bring the shining light of wargaming truth to the unwashed masses!

With the rise of the false wargaming prophet Ward it is time to reestablish the one true voice in the sea of 40k design darkness. That voice is none other than the greatest GW designer Phil Kelly! Not only is he the most beloved at Games Workshop he is also their last true Prophet.

His four 40k pillars of Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Space Wolves are unique scriptures in the wargaming wilderness–balanced in all good measure of game design. As a disciple of the Kelly I and my three fellow brothers have taken upon ourselves to bring Kelly’s will to all those that attend  Adepticon. Using his words, the armies of his great codices we will cleanse the Adepticon 40k Team Tournament of all unbelievers and convert those that are receptive to the Kelly’s immutable glory so it can forever be held in there hearts.

Me and my three brothers will spread the good word to all that will hear!

Praise and honor will be given to all that compete in any event where the Kelly armies fielded. Be it Fantasy or 40k they will hear the Kelly’s words and blessings.

But I and my brothers cannot it alone!

The Kelly needs all the help he can get, so join us in our quest to bring his message to Adepticon. You can do so by joining the Church of Kelly. With the first step being the easiest.

Simply follow the Church on




Most of all read and learn the about the greatest that is the Kelly by going to the Church Webpage at…

Church of Kelly Website

The next step is one must spread the gospel of Kelly through deeds not only words. Play his armies and codices to show your devotion to his cause. Strike down those that would refute the glory that is the Kelly –especially those that chose to follow the Ward.

As well by following the Church you put yourself in the running for a random Kelly offering once Adepticon is over! This offering will be something from each codex that the Kelly has brought to the earth for us!

So don’t hesitate to educate, praise, and spread the one true voice that is