I have been really pathetic of late.

With the discovery of the Dark Angel mystery picture on the bindings of recent White Dwarfs I’ve since bought every issue. The first two issues I barely cracked open, but the March issue with the new nids and wolves models I actually read the glorious GW advertisement. So when it came to the April issue I found myself back in the position of not caring, but last night bored I decided to have a read.

What I found was actual useful information. Now before I go on. I don’t plan on getting a subscription anytime soon, but I should be stated for the record even the maligned White Dwarf can have diamonds in the rough.

First off this issue was a painters wet dream.

Not only did it go over in a great detail the  new paints you also got a “look back” at 2011 Golden Deamon awards which entranced me with pretty models.

Back to the new paint information: you get easy explanations, before and after pictures, and simple paint recipes for GW’s most popular schemes. Did I mention you get a (pretty worthless) poster as well? Still better than nothing.

The best part for me was new missions for 40k.

Called Death World Battle Missions, this little addition looks to spice up games for those really tired of 5th ed missions. The idea behind these missions are simple: many battle are fought on planets inhospitable to life, so why not have the planet’s have a say in who wins! Death World missions use four different hazard charts so you can tailor any missions to whatever story you are trying to tell. Random effects happen on each player turn designed to poison, eat, and generally maim every unit not in a transport. In addition there is three specifically designed Death World missions for players jump into. Games can end on turn 4 and the battle report indicates lower point games are best for these missions, so expect games getting done in quick order. I think these new missions are fun if you don’t mind terrain and random tables maybe determining who wins. Really the effects are not game breaking they simply breaks up the monotony of the tired old missions.

Not to mention if you are a fan of conspiracy theories you could read into the missions just a tad too much.

Like me!

So why not play a game of  6th edition rules conspiracy!

Please don’t take this as even close to fact it really is only wild WILD speculation.

  1. Death World missions are written by Phil Kelly so 6th edition is also written by Phil Kelly
  2. Death World missions can end on turn 4 so 6th edition games can end on turn 4
  3. Death World missions has random mission effects so 6th edition will have random effects
  4. Death World missions has fantasy style you go I go deployment of units so 6th edition will have the same thing.
  5. Death World missions have more than just troops as scoring units so 6th edition will have the same thing.

Now before you go running to take any of this seriously let me remind that these theories only work if you assume GW wouldn’t invalidate a supplement like this a few months ahead of major rule change.

As I have stated before GW (especially White Dwarf) has had a long history of throwing things under the bus quickly. Supplements like this are typically old ideas, usually created for fun and used in some old internal GW campaign. I can only assume that this was just one of Phil Kelly’s ideas he felt was good enough for general player consumption.

As for the rest of the White Dwarf, if you are Empire Fantasy fan this issue is a must buy… if you only have dial-up.

At $9 bucks I felt that I could at least get a movie’s worth of entertainment from this issue of White Dwarf. Unless anyone wants to go see Mirror, Mirror with me!

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