I know, I been slacking on Tournament Results so it now it time for some catch up! Let us start with the some Canadian love!

Over April Fools’ the great Astronomi-con held their annual Winnipeg event. This time around they had 34 players; and as always fun missions, terrain, and 1500 point lists.

The Overall Winner was Mike Knudsen with his Dark Eldar here is the list…

Mike Knudsen’s Dark Eldar Best Overall ASTRONOMI-CON WINNIPEG

As for the overall results here is a break down…

Astronomi-con Winnipeg 2012 Results

As for more coverage check out the Astronomi-con website for details.


Here is a butt load of pictures as well.

Astronomi-con Winnipeg 2012 photo gallery

If you want to know events for the month of May check out the Blood of Kittens Tournament Calender…

Tournament Calendar