A few weekends ago we had the final event for the final Skull of Thrones tournament to be held in Memphis on Oct 6th-7th. Just like that, GW toe dipping into the tournament scene is dead.

So what was the last event?

It was the Slaughter in Space 4 held in sunny southern California. It was a 1850 point affair that happen to allow Forge World. Did that mean that “broken” Forge World units would win the day? Not so much…

Instead, standard Dark Eldar ended up winning against a field of 24 beating out the legendary Reece Team ZeroComp Robbins Foot Dar in what has been described as one major ass whooping. So who crushed Reece’s dreams? Well this time it wasn’t Paul Murphy playing Dark Eldar, it was Frankie Giampapa from Team ZeroComp that beat Reece into the ground! Here is what his list looked like…

Frankie Giampapa’s Dark Eldar Best Overall Slaughter In Space 2012

For more coverage of the event look no further than Team ZeroComp’s website and store Frontline Gaming.


and Dakkadakka


I couldn’t find full results or any pictures from the event, so if anyone has is, please leave it in the comments.

That does it for the Skull of Thrones events.

I guess we will have to wait and see if GW does anything to support competitive players in the coming year…