Updates through out the day with pictures as well.

12:35– round one is over with many great battles already in the books.

12:36– round two has a few marquee match ups already.

Paul Murphy (Paladins) vs. Ben Mohile (Necrons)

Grey Sparks (Foot Dar) vs. Blackblowfly (Nids)



1:00– Wargamescon looks to have 150 40k players with about 30 no shows


2:50– Ben Mohile beats Paul, Sparks beats Blackblowfly

As well Reece moves on and Adam trocola



6:14 Cst– Some of the 3-0 players Reece Robbins-foot Dar, Alan Bajramovic- orks, Ben Mohile- necrons, Marc Parker- necrons, Adam tricola- Drago

Greg Sparks foot Dar tied so my dream of foot Dar finals lives on.

6:40 Cst — scratch that my dreams may be crushed with foot Dar vs. foot Dar on game 4

8:45 Cst– Ben Mohile moves on, Marc Parker lost to on top table to Orks.

9:00 Cst– in a tense battle Reece won against Greg sparks after forgetting to make a game changing charge