Just got back from a great WargamesCon 2012. The final 5th edition Tournament was the best version of the event so far. With a fancy new hotel and lots of Adepticon style vendors. My only complaint still being 2000 points in 2:15 min is still not enough time and too high a point level, but that is just me.

As for results we had a sorta of flip from last year.

Alan Bajramovic’s Orks took Best Overall and Ben Mohlie’s Necrons won Best General.

It should be noted that Ben Mohlie was the only one to technically win all his games.

Here is a look at their lists.

Alan Bajramovic’s Orks Best Overall Wargames Con 2012 (I think I am wrong about a few wargear Items)

Ben Mohlie’s Necrons Best General WargamesCon 2012

The best part about these results was the lack of a certain Army at the top tables.

Only one Grey Knight Army was in the top 3 tables and it was a Grey Knight Army that wasn’t a standard issue yawn fest (Non-Drago Grey Knight Terminators army). Overall there was a lot of Necrons and Dark Eldar everywhere– much different from Adepticon.

Here are the top results…

It ended up being a great ending to 5th edition with Nob Bikers taking the top spot. We began 5th with Nob Bikers and we ended with them– how did that happen?

WargamesCon also had a great assortment of fantastic looking armies. Here is a gallery of my favorites.



So with that let the 6th edition excitement begin!

5th is dead, but long live the memories of the best edition the game has ever known!