A few days ago a little rumor was floated around the Internet by the oddest of rumor mongers.

Stelek from Yes I Lie A Lot–

I guess even Phil Kelly couldn’t survive the debacle that was Beastmen, Dreadfleet, the Dark Eldar…well, the list of failures is rather impressive really.

Or he just got tired of writing for GW, I dunno.

Maybe GW is just getting rid of everyone from the old school (so, Jervis is next?) and using the new kids on the block to write Codices is yet another cost cutting measure.

Who knows.

So, any truth to this? I’ve put a call in to GW UK but all I’ve gotten are no comments. =|

First off, general rule of thumb, never trust a guy that says he has had 6th edition rules  sitting on his shelf since January. Second, why did anyone even spread this rumor when Stelek himself doesn’t even know if it is true?

Anyway I shot an email to Phil Kelly himself and he got back to me with one line.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet… 😉

Wise words from the prophet. Of course, if you don’t believe me just ask him in a few weeks at Games Day.

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