So it is time to do some pimping. Some of my favorite local guys are running not just one, but four separate 40k events over the Labor Day Weekend at Celesticon. Celesticon is a general nerd con with RPGs, Magic, Vendors, and Board games. Throw in some 40k and you have a great convention. It is being held in lovely Fremont California and only costs $45 bucks! As for the 40k events here is a breakdown of what you can expect.

First off we got a grab all the models you have event run by Reece Robbins of ZeroComp and Frontlinegaming fame.

Warhammer 40K Lazy Boys Tournament

Warhammer 40K Lazy Boys Tournament-Friday GM: Reece Robbins Type: Miniature System: Warhammer 40K Edition: current Players: 32 Provided: Characters can be provided by GM Power Level: 2,500 Rules Knowledge: Required Game Content:Mainstream Big, laid back 40K games! A 40K tournament with Forgeworld (40K approved only) units allowed, casual time limits and fun as the goal. www.FrontlineGaming.orghere

Then we have DocDragon a local giant in our parts has run 40k tournaments since time immoral, this is his new annual 40k Tournament at Celesticon.

Battle for the Daemons Skull

Celesticon Warhammer 40K Tournament Battle for the Daemons Skull Rules & Regulations Date: Saturday September 1, 2012 Army Size: 1,750 points Rules: 6th edition rules will be used Missions: Currently we will be using the missions as described in the new 6th edition rule set. Changes may be made if needed for tournament play. Codex: All current Codices and the Sisters of Battle PDF will be allowed. Any on-line updates for 6 th edition to each Codex will also be in use. Army lists are due by August 24, 2012. Please send to Standard rules for tournament: Signing up: We have a hard cap of 32 players this year so sign up early. To reserve a spot you must register for Celesticon first and then send me an e-mail letting me know you wish to play. Army Painting: ALL MODELS in your army must be painted to table top standard. This means that you need to have 3 different colors on each model and the bases need to be painted or flocked in some way. Primer is NOT a color. Unpainted or part painted models will be removed from play as it’s just uncool to play with unpainted toys. WYSIWYG: Also known as “what you see is what you get”. Each model should be a fair representation of what it should be. We all love cool conversations and having a bunch of undead Halflings as zombies is very cool, but if I can’t figure out what a Dwarf with a lascannon is doing in a high elf army it just isn’t going to be allowed. If you are even the slightest worried about your models send me a picture and get it preapproved. What you need to bring: 5 copies (Typed) of your army list. You must give one to me and one to each of your opponents. Dice (not loaded), pencil/pen, paper, Templates, tape measure, scatter dice, army book, rule book, FAQ for your army and anything else you need to run your army. Dice: Very important! Please don’t bring any dice with symbols on them. And if you are unwilling to allow your opponent to use your special, special dice then don’t bring those either. At any time during the game your opponent may ask to use your dice and you will allow them to do so. Event Schedule Set-up: 7:30am Check in: 8:00am Roll Call: 8:45am Round One: 9:00am Lunch & Coolness Voting: 11:30am Round Two: 12:45pm Round Three: 3:30pm Awards: 6:15pm Tournament Scoring: The Olympian, Tournament Champion This will be the player that wins the most games. Because we will only have 3 rounds to play in we will not have a true winner based only on win/lose so there will be battle points used. I’ll have to wait until the new rule book comes out to work on the battle point scoring so please check back here from time to time to see the update. Mr. Awesome, Best Sportsmanship This award will be given to the player who scores highest on the Awesome meter. At the end of the tournament you will rank your opponents on a 4 point scale, and you may not give more than one opponent the same score. Totally the most AWESOME game of the day, the other games were great too, but this was by far the best: 3 points That was an awesome game and I enjoyed my opponent today: 2 points Awesome game, just not as awesome as my others: 1 point Well, hmm, OK, I played a game, I hope the next time it will be Awesome: 0 points Cool Hand Luke, Best Paint This award will go to the player who scores the most votes for the Coolest looking army. During lunch each player will vote for his or her top 3 picks on the coolest looking army of the day. Most Cool = 3 points, Very Cool = 2 points, Cool = 1 point. Now, what is a Cool army? Glad you asked. There isn’t just one reason to pick a cool army; it can be any number of things like how great the army is painted or how cool the display board works to tell the theme of the army. The design of the army may make you think it just totally cool. In the end this is up to each individual on what they think is way cool. The Highlander, Some players will just be so into Warhammer that they do great in each and every way during the tournament. Scoring will be based on the above three categories and each of those will be worth a third of the total overall score. Each category will be converted into a winning percent and then those will be added up to find the winner. In the end there can be only one.


Celesticon also has Big Jim of Killzone and Galaxy in Flames blog fame running one of his exciting Narriative Events.

The Battle for Denari: Narrative

The Battle for Denari: Narrative gaming event The forces of Chaos has wrested control of the Denari systemon the Eastern Fringe. Denari is a valuable Imperial resource planet and mustbe retaken at all costs. Control of the Promethium and Adamantium miningfacilities are key goals to the campaign. The lack of an Imperial Fleet presence has brought manyforces to bear on the world in an attempt to capture its resources for theirrace. There have even been void skirmishes with scouting elements for a Tyranidhive fleet in the outer reaches of the sector. Come join us for a fun filled big game of 40k! Allowed armies: Armies can be built from all current 40k codices includingthe White Dwarf codex for the Sisters of Battle, and may also include or bebuilt to include units or completely using the army lists in the Imperial Armorbooks. Units and list may only be drawn from Imperial Armor book 3-11 and theIA Apoc books. With that said all IA units and lists must use the mostcurrent listing for the unit, which includes the Errata listed on theForgeworld site. Also “if” the new Chaos marine codex drops in August allchaos marine armies must use the new book. Armies are builtusing the following requirements: 2000 points using the normal force organization chart (maytake a 2nd FOC) including allies and may include one superheavyvehicle from the Apocalypse rulebook or an IA book it may have no more than 3structure points. Each army may also include one Spearhead formation as listedin the spearhead rules on the games workshop site. Fortifications are allowedwith the following exclusions the Skyshield landing pad and the Fortress ofRedemption. Narrative gamingcards: At the beginning of the game each player will draw astrategy card from the decks that I will provide. At the beginning of the game each player will draw a Fatecard from from decks that will be provided. The Fate cards will add to thenarrative of the game allowing each commander some special bonus during thegame. Painting: Every army must be painted to a three color minimum and bebased. (basing can be as simple as painting your models bases an appropriatecolor.) This is not debatable, we want a great looking event filled withpainted models fighting over nice looking terrain. Scoring: Objectives will be scored at the bottom of every game turn.Objectives may be captured and held by any unit with the exception of HQ orvehicle units. Event House Rules: Bogged Down: This rule replaces the current rule for when a vehicle movesin difficult or dangerous terrain. When a vehicle enters difficult or dangerous terrain sometimes they become temporarily immobilized; stuck in the terrain they areattempting to cross. These vehicles are referred to as Bogged Down. Follow the normal procedure for vehicles moving in difficult or dangerousterrain; if they get bogged down place a marker next to the vehicle. A bogged down vehicle may remobilize at the start of any ofits turns by rolling a 4+ on a D6. They may function as normal from that pointon, including making a test for difficult terrain if they want to move. Reserves: All units may assault on the turn they enter the table (Unlessthe Deepstrike) should there be any enemy unit in range. Pintle MountedWeapons: All pintle mounted weapons gain the Skyfire special rule ifthe tank remains stationary.

Then finally on Monday my good man Ian Chadwich will be running a doubles tourney.

40k Doubles Tournament

Warhammer 40k Doubles Tournament-Monday Monday 8 AM in Ballroom for 9 hours GM: Ian Chadwick Type: Miniature System: Warhammer 40k Edition: 6th Edition Players: 32 Provided: All characters provided by GM Power Level: 750 points per player Rules Knowledge: Required Game Content:Mainstream Join us for a fun and refreshing way to play 40k with our 40k Doubles Tournament using the new and shiny 6th edition rules! This tournament will be a 3 round tournament with 2 hour rounds. Each player will create a 750 point list using the Force Organization rules for 6th edition! Each player must use the current codex with all current FAQs or the corresponding White Dwarf Codex for their army with FAQs. There are no restrictions on what armies each team member plays, except that there can not be more than 1 instance of each named or unique character per team (No Double Coteaz for example). Forge World units stamped *approved for regular 40k* will be allowed provided that a player is using the Forge World model or a suitably converted/scratch-built representation of a Forge World model and they bring the official Forge World rules associated with it. No apocalypse only 40k units will be allowed. The missions will be created and released at the beginning of August and a formal write up of the tournament rules and guidelines will be available soon! Bonus Points will be available for themed teams and armies as well as team spirit. Please pre-register for the event by emailing me: as soon as possible. In your email please include your name, your CelestiCon badge number, your teammate’s name, and your team name! I will send out an email asking for lists in mid August! You may Pre-Register for this game

If you have to understand that this all just $45 bucks. That includes access to an extensive dealers room and other games that you can play while you are not throwing down dice in the Grim Dark Future.

For more information about Celesticon go to their website at.

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