Soon the Galaxy will Burn and Ruinous powers will rise, but before that happens it is time to leak some information from the new 6th edition Chaos Space Marine Codex!

Let me start with the most exciting announcement I have to make about the new CSM codex! I can confirm that the greatest deity at Games Workshop has been chosen by the Gods of Chaos to write there codex! It will be none other than…



but as usual Blood of Kittens won’t just spam you with all the rumors right now we have to rev up the hype machine by doing what so many hate: WAIT!

With in the next 48 hours you will be inundated with the bliss and blood that is the new CSM codex! If you just have to be  notified the second I drop all your CSM needs you will have several options to get it.

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Or third, just keep refreshing the website for the next two days.

Or fourth, pray to the Chaos Gods so they can send you the Codex through your dreams!

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