It has finally happened! The new Chaos Space Marines are just a few weeks away!

Like clockwork leaked White Dwarf photos have appeared just a few days before release. Instantly the Internet debated: are the new models good enough?

Now I have to admit I have been sleeping with the new Chaos Space Marine codex for the last couple months. During the summer I had to contain my (for the most part) giddy exuberance concerning their release. I think  the models look stunning, and my little brain couldn’t wrap around the thought that anyone else would think any differently.

Sadly, as I look around the Internet today, I see an almost 50/50 split. With the most venom being targeted at the Helldrake. I just don’t get it, I guess my fear (expectation) was the Drake would look like the Stormraven with a chincy dino skull plastered on the top of it. Instead, the debate is mostly about is the Helldrake chaosy enough? Let us not forget the, ” No Dragons in 40k” super PAC.

My personal aesthetic aside, the current commentary about the Drake and the rest of the models made me realize something: CSM Fans will never be satisfied.

The origin for this eternal state of CSM blue balls is Codex 3.5 and CSM fans will never be satisfied unless 3.5 is reborn. The Helldrake represents a deep-seated fear: the new CSM codex won’t be a 500 page opus complete with every traitor legion and every possible wargear option pulled from recesses of the old Realms of Chaos books. Having read and play tested the new CSM codex let me tell you, if your standards are genuinely that high get ready for disappointment.  It is actually terribly unfortunate CSM is the first 6th codex; the expectations are SO unrealistically high, no author, no codex, and no company could ever give what this particular breed of fanboi what they want.

CSM 3.5 was the first Magic the Gathering codex of 40k. The combos the, game breaking abilities, created at the dawn of Web 2.0 had the nascent 40k WAAC community lapping from its supple breast.  It would take GW years to realize the monster it created and in 2007 they introduced European a style austerity plan and reduced the CSM to a hell pit of blandness. Now it is 2012 and GW cannot win; the CSM fanboi is stuck between the ghost of 3.5 and the burning rage of 4.0

So my humble advice to the Chaos Space Marine fanatic: Let it Go!

Games Workshop is not going to give you what you want because they know you will never be satisfied.

Understand you cannot go back to 2002.

Instead, have faith in Phil Kelly.

With allies and the new rules, you can make almost any legion or army you want. The only oversights I could find was no Nightlord all bike option or Terminators as troops, otherwise the codex is solid, and the new models are just the start.

So please, have some faith in the Kelly and leave the past behind it is the only way to your salvation.

P.S. Don’t you find it ironic, Chaos Space Marines are trapped by the past just like there  most virulent fans.




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