Warning:  If you like Dan Abnett and the new Angron model stop reading now! This article is for everyone already over the hype known as the Horus Heresy.

I tried, really I did. I picked up Horus Rising and thought, as good fan I had to give it a go. Then after about ten chapters I just didn't care anymore. Horus Rising is filled with characters wooden, bland, and I had to re-read the action passages because they were so awkwardly constructed.

Partially it is my fault, I come from the Hills Like White Elephants school of writing where less means more-- with Dan Abnett that isn't possible. I retched at Dan Abnett in novel form (he goes on and on), but love him in comics because of the economy of words, and really who doesn't like Rocket Raccoon? Then there was the Ultramarines movie, which was one giant tragedy.

I understand Dan Abnett isn't the only writer, but if he is the best, then God knows the ambien effect the other authors would have on me. The Horus Heresy series makes me feel like an outsider; since I don't follow every piece fiction I'm often feel left out of many conversations. Many podcasts and online discussions have no meaning to me as well. I know I am not the only one that feels the same way.

Now we come to Forge World's Horus Heresy release. It was what everyone wanted, but I think it will end up being a bad idea.

Sure it will sell like crack, but won't it only leave many disappointed?

Since the characters are so iconic, the models and rules will never match the expectations for many players. I for one find the new Angron model is horrible.

I do love the flying Marines, but hello mister bitey mouth. In fact what is with all the bitey mouths iconography? The main problem is he looks pedestrian...mortal. The new models don't represent Rogue Trader era of my youth, but the Black Library error of the present. It seems like Forge World is relying on the Black Library vision of the Heresy and not the canon of the past. In contrast, I was immediately impressed with the Ronin Miniatures vision of the Primarchs. I had always envisioned the Primarchs as demigods; something stoic and mythical and Ronin Miniatures captured that. Primarchs aren't dirty and real like Forge World seems to believe.

The Horus Heresy will only divide the community that is already pretty small. The Horus Heresy will become the premium game for a game that is already a luxury to begin with. People already get upset about Forge World in casual play and to add Primarchs to the mix sounds like a recipe for disaster.

What is the Emperor stats going to be again?


It seems like Forge World is relying on the Black Library vision of the Heresy and not the canon of the past.

It also divides the pocket-book: many players won't invest  in their current armies and instead throw money away on this sub-game. It takes everything that was bad about Apocalypse and multiplies it by ten.

Just like Apocalypse, the Horus Heresy will be a game of one upmanship, as rich players see exactly who's Heresy is that much bigger.

When Apocalypse came out it quickly made my local  meta unbearable. As someone who doesn't enjoy large games it left me out in the cold half the time as everyone rushed to play 10 hour games that they never finished.

So how quickly before the game is split between those that only want to play Horus Heresy and those that don't?

How many Horus Heresy campaigns leave the average players in the dark?

How much jealousy will be build between players that cannot afford the new models?

Does this help the narrative that Games Workshop only cares about Space Marines?

I hate being a Debby Downer but, the Horus Heresy presents so many negative possibilities that I just find it not worth it. Instead, Forge World and Games Workshop should focus on the future; not waste time and resources on the masturbatory dreams of the few, actually fix problems, release models, for the 40,000 millennium and for not the 30th.

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