Since tis the season of giving, I thought I do something nice for the community and provide some “banned” entertainment. As many of you know a few years back a certain German Fan Film set in the world of Warhammer 40,000 was created. The production value was B, but effort and love was A+.

The film in question is Damnatus and before its release Games Workshop brought down the hammer. Unlike Star Trek and Star Wars which cultivates their fan base and even encourages creativity, Games Workshop has never gotten the memo, quickly squashes such projects.

If you’ve never have heard of Damnatus check out their still functional website for more information.

If you are too bored to even check out the website here is the official trailer you can find on YouTube.


Now with the Games Workshop embargo it is actually hard to get this movie and even when found it won’t be in a friendly viewing format. So, Blood of Kittens’s gift to you for this holiday season, is Damnatus in all its glory for either streaming or download viewing.

Now I suggest downloading it, because the streaming audio is kinda messed up when I changed the format. If you don’t understand German or Russian then don’t worry just watch for the visuals and “special effects”.

Damnatus 2008

And before I forget everyone have a Happy Holiday!

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