It is that time again, for the Blood of Kittens annual Best of Series and like all critical analysis for the year that was, it will be completely bias! All best of paint jobs are pulled only from Golden Demon winner from 2012.

So without further adieu on to the winners!


So what makes a best of paint job for Blood of Kittens?

Well it isn't all about looks, it is about taking models to the next level of creativity and I think this year's crop does exactly that!

Sadly, I didn't find any models I felt rose to the "level" from any of the English-speaking countries; goes to show the depth of skill Europeans have over the rest of the world.

Best Large Scale Model: Nurgle Dread Knight by Maxine Ducres

OMG, Often Nurgle schemes get over done, but just when you think you have seen everything Nurgle, you get hit over the head again. Taking the Dreadknight kit (one of the worst ever created by Games Workshop) and transforming it into something worth lusting over is amazing. The crisp use of yellow to draw your eyes in. The amazing crooked scythe with the rust features just waiting to flake off, and added touch of whimsy with Nurglings hopping around.

Best Vehicle: Dreadnaught by Maxime Pastourel

When simplicity, creativity, and beauty are combined you have modern art. This dreadnought is as close to modern art as a Warhammer 40k model can become. The dynamism and elegance of the pose highlights this presentation. You can see the Forge World parts behind the model, but it could easily transposed into any H.G. Wells universe without ever being the wiser. The right use of color, the artificial creation of light with paint is without parallel.

Best Diorama: Birth of a Dreadnaught by Vincent Bourrier


Where do I even start... You see the Emperor in free hand?

Let us move down tapestries!

What about the perfect stone statue models?

What about the servitors that blend into the background?

Then we move down to the dreadnought itself and the servitor as he prepares to seal in the dying Space Marine. On the other side you have the amazing converted Corbulo performing last rites. This diorama is the gift that keeps on giving as you notice something new every time you look at it.

Best Single Model: Emperor Corrupted Champion by Mathieu Pacaud

Another case of taking something good and making evil. The fact one of the oldest models can still provide inspiration is a testament to a brilliant sculpt. The sort of brush control is normally found on larger models with vast flat surfaces. What makes this paint job so great is the brush control is done on such a small-scale. Then you decide to work with purple and balance it with the right spots of blue goes to show the attention to detail this painter has orchestrated.

Best Forge World: Knarloc Rider by Elias Alonso


I know personally it is the hardest thing for me to get right.

So when I saw this painter master throughout the color spectrum you have to stand up and clap. Then there is the story the whole thing tells. You want to know more, you want the story behind the regiment that has tamed these beasts. Even something as humorous as the toucan, provides story and sets the location for this model.

Best Squad: Crisis Suits by Micheal Delcroix

I saw this display a few months back and knew it would make the Best of 2012. This is everything we want from the Tau Empire. Forge World has given us the best vision for where the Tau must go. It makes you hope for the 2013 release that much more. As for the models themselves the battle ready poses and the little conversions do wonders. Notice the Tau shoulder pads as heads? The perfect use of blue as lightning effects and battle damage are priceless. This is pure inspiration!

So there you have Blood of Kittens picks for the best paint jobs of the year.

What were yours?

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