One of my least favorite things about leaks is how terrible the photo quality is, so I have taken upon myself to fix that.

Here are some non-grainy pictures of Games Workshop latest release: Dark Angels.

As always use the arrows to scroll through the images.


  • Ravenwing Dark Talon
  • Nephilim Jetfighter
  • Dark Angel Flyers
  • Deathwing Command Sergeant
  • Deathwing Command Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
  • Deathwing Command Lightning Claws
  • Deathwing Command Apothecary
  • Deathwing Command Power Axe
  • Deathwing Command Squad
  • Deathwing Knight
  • Deathwing Knight
  • Deathwing Knight
  • Deathwing Knight with Flail of the Unforgiven
  • Deathwing Knight
  • Deathwing Knight Squad
  • Land Speeder Vengeance
  • Ravenwing Darkshroud
  • Dark Angel Speeders
  • Ravenwing Command Champion
  • Ravenwing Command Apothecary
  • Ravenwing Command Company Banner
  • Ravenwing Command Squad
  • Ravenwing Black Knight Grenade Launcher
  • Ravenwing Black Knight Corvus Hammer
  • Ravenwing Black Knight Huntmaster
  • Ravenwing Black Knight Squad
  • Belial
  • Asmodai

Well there you have it, the best pictures around.

I am pretty meh about this whole release as many of you are, but the quality of the models is pretty good with the exception of Cathedral Speeder


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