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The Forgotten Bunch...

Instead of going over these guys one by one I thought it would be best to approach them all at once.

Since 6th edition there has a been move away from vehicles in general,

but you will find that Chaos Space Marines have a need for tanks in specific situations.

What really separates Chaos Space Marine tanks from their Space Marine cousins is the unique equipment any of these vehicles can get.

Still, many players are disappointed with the lack of Land Raider variations or access to Dreadclaw Drop Pods.

Before we dive in, let us look at the rules for the Chaos Space Marine tanks.

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Chaos Space Marine Tank Rules




What to look for...

--Chaos Rhino--

The Chaos Rhino hasn't changed much since the last time you saw it and some could say its role has been diminished. 6th edition has hit many transports hard, but none harder than the Rhino. From the new to-hit table for vehicles to Hull Points it is hard life for any Rhino. Luckily, the Chaos Rhino has the ability to become a cheap Razorback with more flexibility.

--Chaos Land Raider--

The Chaos Land Raider is still the cheapest Land Raider around, but costs 10 points more than before. As the only Assault Vehicle for Chaos Space Marines you might see them more than you expect. With the addition of units like Mutilators, the Chaos Land Raider does have its uses. The Chaos Land Raider is still the only Land Raider that can get a Dozer Blade and with the bonus of Dirge Caster it is still a great delivery system.

--Chaos Vindicator--

The Chaos Vindicator is the odd man out. You will find it hard to find a place for this tank; it doesn't use the Chaos Vehicle Equipment well and with Allies you can find better alternatives. The threat of Demolisher Cannon is always real, but in the current meta most opponents will find a way to shred off Hull Points and leave your Chaos Vindicator a burning hulk.

--Chaos Predator--

The Chaos Predator is cheaper, brought into line with other Predators in terms of cost. The key with the Chaos Predator is adding the Havoc Launcher which gives you four weapons to fire at your enemy and on the cheap. The Chaos Predator really takes advantage of the terrible costs of both the Defiler and Forgefiend.

--Chaos Vehicle Equipment--

Combi-Weapons - 10 pts

A staple for Chaos Space Marine tanks these little one shot weapons are great surprise weapons or additional muscle to infantry units. Combi-Weapons often find a way on to a Rhino and typically match the unit inside.


Dirge Caster - 5 pts

One of the best 5 points you can spend. A must buy for Land Raiders these upgrade stops units from performing Overwatch. Even on a Rhino a Dirge Caster can be brought to protect assaulting units from Flamers or mass shotos that can cause trouble.

Warpflame gargoyles - 5 pts

A waste of points, as is anything Warpfire, until they change how Soul Blaze works it will always be useless.


Havoc Launcher - 12 pts

The other great piece of equipment you can buy. Best bought with a Rhino or Predator. This makes any Rhino a Razorback. The best part about this twin-linked blast weapon is that it doesn't take away any transport capacity or firing ports. It is also a steal at 12 points!

Destroyer Blades - 15 pts

These mini-deff rollers are fun and bring modeling challenges to any hobbyists. As for effectiveness, I am not too sure. The best idea is to use them in mass as part of Rhino rush. Especially, if you really like going old school.

Daemonic Possession - 15 pts

Phil Kelly decided to bring some fun back to this piece of wargear. Daemonic Possession is cheaper, but almost as effective as before. It is a good buy on Vindicators as always, but keep in mind the chances of being Stunned are now lower in the 6th edition. Also, the idea of a devouring Rhino regenerating Hull Points brings a smile to my face.


For a better understanding, here is the complete Chaos Vehicle Equipment rules...

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Chaos Vehicle Equipment Rules


What really separates Chaos Space Marine tanks from their Space Marine cousins is the unique equipment any of these vehicles can get.

Putting all together

So what happens when you want to take the old armored standards out for spin? Like everything it depends on what type of lists you want to run.

If you still love the MSU Rhinos with Havoc Launchers is the way to go. What about with Rhinos behind an Aegis Line, with Havoc Launchers, and a Chaos Space Marine unit with a Plasmagun and Lascannon all for only 222 pts? Talk about flexible. The Rhino is still very important because none of the Troop choices available to Chaos Space Marines are fast, so having a ride to objectives is still very important.

What about the Land Raider?

I know the Godhammer isn't sexy, but as the only Assault Vehicle how are you going to get Kharn and his Berserkers safely to the front lines? While taking Chaos Terminators with the Chaos Land Raider isn't optimal taking the 3+ armor save units is. The fun part is things like Palanquin Lords can fit in the Chaos Land Raider. If you're not relying on Bikers or Chaos Terminators as the hammer, taking a Chaos Land Raider should always be an option.

Like I said before the sadness of the Defiler and Forgefiend gives opportunity for the Predator. A Chaos Dakka Predator is only 107 points, a steal for eight shots and one blast template. You can even go cheaper with just the Autocannon and Havoc Launcher and sit at 48" and dink away at targets. The cheap Predator is a prime target for Destroyer Blades as well, because of the immunity to Krak grenades in the front.

As for the Vindicator I still have a hard time finding a spot for it, and that goes for in any army not named Blood Angels. The best way to run a Chaos Vindicator is at 145 points: immune to Dangerous Terrain tests, (for the most part) Shaken & Stunned, and has Armor Value 13. Perspective: that is still 35 points cheaper than a Forgefiend.

Final Thoughts...

Overall, the Chaos Space Marine tanks can be an integral part of many Chaos Space Marine lists. You will always find a use for a few Rhinos and sometimes a Land Raider. The fact that Games Workshop didn't provide any new versions of these old chassis will end up being a good thing in the end. All they did was balance the costs and add some fluffy equipment to the mix.

Reminder, it could've been a lot worse...



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