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Fabulous Bile

Fabius Bile has always been a great character with an “interesting” story and fun rules.

Exactly what changes would Fabius see with the last codex? Would he be the same character with needles, scalpels, and experiments for all?

Fabius hasn't changed much, but his usefulness is apparent when you look at the entire Chaos Space Marine codex and see the holes he can fill.

Looking at what little has changed between the old and new codexes is only the start to understanding why Fabius is deliciously vile.

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Fabius Bile Rules 2012

Fabius Bile Rules 2012 



Fabius Bile Rules 2007

Fabius Bile Rules 2007 



Compare & Contrast

  • Points Increase from 160 to 165
  • Enhanced Warrior Changes
  • Veteran of the Long War

--At least his name isn't Lucius--

Fabius gets a slight point increase, but unlike Lucius the Eternal this point increase doesn't make you go drown yourself in sorrow.

--It is all in the Technique--

The biggest and best change is how Fabius enhances Chaos Space Marines. Now enhanced Chaos Space Marines units are not subjected to a random chart, but the biggest and best change is enhancing won't cost you a damn thing!

--Found the missing Points!--

The real reason Fabius is five more points is Veterans of the Long War. Nothing comes for free in the Chaos Space Marine codex! I guess it makes sense being a relic from the Horus Heresy.

Fabius hasn't changed much, but his usefulness is apparent when you look at the entire Chaos Space Marine codex and see the holes he can fill.

Putting it all together...

Fabius is really good. Let me say that again, Fabius is really, really good!

Fabius Bile is great because taking him is the only way you can get three Fearless Chaos Space Marines units in your army. One for the Enhanced Warriors, another from him joined to a unit, and one from a Chaos Lord joined. Fabius makes a basic Chaos Space Marine army list brutal and effective. You don't have to worry about random leadership checks!

Cheap Chaos Space Marines are amazing as Enhanced Warriors... think better Possessed. Strength five Fearless Chaos Space Marines without any side effects separates Fabius Bile from other HQ choices. When you take Enhanced Warriors with marks it pushes a Chaos Space Marine unit to greatness. Don't worry about lathering on the points with this unit; take both the marks and icons, especially Mark of Khorne-Icon of Wrath or Mark of Slaanesh-Icon of Excess. Since, Enhanced Warriors don't cost anything additional, you can create a scoring death star with ease, and have points to spend on other aspects of your army.

Fabius himself isn't bad either. He suffers from Instant Death risks, but he has the attacks and ability to put a world of hurt on many units. He has seven attacks on the charge and poison attacks that will most likely be re-rolling wounds. His Rod of Torment while not a Power Weapon can sneak up on multi-wound opponents. Even with all these tricks Fabius shouldn't be your primary assault Character; he is in your army for Enhanced Warriors and as slightly inexpensive Special Character.

Fabius makes a great second HQ choice or Ally Detachment. As an ally, Fabius with a Chaos Space Marine blob and Heldrake is only 700 points. In your Primary Detachment you're looking at most, a 500 point investment for Fabius and tricked out Chaos Space Marines. The best part, is Fabius doesn't have to baby sit the Enhanced Warriors he creates, leaving him to join a Fearless in need unit.

As a concept, Fabius is a hired gun and his abilities fit that role nicely. Fabius doesn't have to lead your army, he just provides valuable support that no other Character in the codex does. The lack of an invulnerable save to go along with his Feel No Pain is a problem, but keeping him the backfield or using other Characters to take Challenges will keep Fabius alive. Still, Fabius can take risks, you don't lose Enhanced Warriors if he dies, and going on some fools errand won't feel like you've thrown the game if he dies.

Memory Lane: Fabius Bile

--Ways to play Fabius Bile--

The following lists are by no means meant strictly for competitive play, they represent a cross-section of the Chaos Space Marine codex allowing for flexibility and variety. 

Death Star Configuration: Fabius Death Star List

Balanced Configuration: Balanced Fabius List

MSU Configuration: Don't try this at home kids

Horde Configuration: Fabius Horde List

Fluffy Configuration: Fabius Fluffy List

Daemon Ally Configuration: Fabius Daemon Ally List

Dark Eldar Ally Configuration: (Yes I know the Dangers)Fabius Dark Eldar Ally List 

If you have any questions about how to play these lists feel free to email me using the contact information below.

Final Thoughts...

Overall, Fabius is a good buy. He is a great secondary HQ choice if you don't need a Chaos Sorcerer. He can also lead your army if don't want to think about creating a Chaos Lord and makes one Chaos Space Marines unit very dangerous. Fabius is really only missing an invulnerable save or toughness five to make him an elite choice, but at 165 points he won't do you wrong.


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