Imagine for a second you are an upper class 14 year old boy; having recently discovered the world of Warhammer 40k. Now imagine like every good W.A.S.P starting something new, you and your parents want only the best. So with a little internet savvy you find an army list of none other than the winner of the largest Warhammer 40k tournament in the country: Adepticon.

This ridiculous scenario is a precursor to illustrate just how much it will cost you to make Nick Nanavati 1850 point Adepticon championship list.

So, look to the right and see the cost break down.

Nick's list is pretty small by most 40k standards, but even with saving points and money by taking Paladins you can see it will still cost you: $462.20.

The price is only that high if you don't know any better, and walk into a GW store to pay full price.

Through an online discounter that same army is going to cost you about $369.76.

Keep in mind this is less than 40 models!

In the grand scheme of things this is very effective and inexpensive army.

How much for a champion?

  • Necron Overlord (1) : $19.25
  • Necron Warriors x 2 (20) : $72.50
  • Night Scythe x 3 (3) : $136.50
  • Annihilation Barges x 3 (3) : $111.75
  • Lord Kaldor Draigo (1) : $22.25
  • Grey Knight Terminators x 2 (10) : $100.00

The list keeps you under $500 bucks, but is pretty ridged. You can change around the Overlord to a named character along with adding scarabs and some extra warriors. You can also use Drago as another character along with changing the Paladins to normal Grey Knight Terminators. Other than that, you are pretty much stuck with the tournament list Nick used at Adepticon.

The biggest thing people forget when calculating the cost of new army are the supplies you will need for assembling and painting. Conservatively, you are looking at an additional $50 bucks to get it painted, that is if you go with cheap spray cans and minimal highlights. Instead if go with the GW store, you can expect spending an additional $100-$200 bucks, because of the subtle and not so subtle up selling techniques they use.

Then you have to consider transport; luckily this army travels very well, with so few models, being almost completely plastic, you have a light compact force to beat face across the country. Then you have to consider profession tournament training. I know Nick Nanavati is a starving college student, so I am sure an equitable arrangement can come to fruition. Granted, you will be singled out as an unoriginal copycat, but what does it matter if all you want is tournament loot!

Staying under $500 bucks should be the goal of any one buying a new army, and even at full price this does it. So if you are thinking of bandwagoning a winner you can't ask for a cheaper choice.


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