One of my favorite forums Bolter and Chainsword last week had its servers fatally crash. As it is because of medical problems of the forum owner there wasn’t enough funds for a new server. For over 10 years Bolter & Chainsword has been one of the best forums out there with a devote and dedicated community. I have met a few friends through the forum and the quality of the content is top-notch and hobby driven! If you go to the website you will find this little blurb.

On Friday 12th the Bolter & Chainsword appeared to suffer a hard drive failure, replacement drives were purchased but failed to re-mirror correctly when added to the server. Eventually after much testing it was discovered the server hardware was causing the problem and it appears we will need to purchase a new server. Given the age of the server (10yrs – it was installed in 2003) this was expected to some degree and we have some funds from previous donation drives saved for this.

However the timing for this event is not good, Brother Argos who pays for the B&C and is also the technical admin has for the last 6-9 months been fighting severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy, had numerous operations on his eyes and unfortunately has lost a significant amount of his sight. We had hoped he would be recovered enough after his last operation to help us move to the planned new server, however given the timing of the current scenario this will not happen.

We have found a technical resource, who can rebuild and move the B&C to a new home, however this will be chargeable. As it currently stands the Bolter & Chainsword needs to raise around $800 – $1000 in addition to the funds we currently have put by to make this happen.

Brother Argos has funded the B&C to the tune of $18,000 dollars over the last 10 years, so that we could all enjoy our community, he is not in a position given his illness to rescue us now.

It is your community, if you wish it to survive you need to raise around a $1000, if we raise more it will all help get a better server for our new home.

As it turns out donated funds have already exceeded 4,000 bucks. That is well over what Brother Argos was asking, but as it is Brother Argos has lost much of his eye sight, and who knows how long he can maintain the forum. So, if you can take this chance to fund this community resource indefinitely. Finally, it should be mentioned that the Waaagh forum was also on the same server and was taken down as well.

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