I am proud to announce the first in what I hope is a long list of contests showcasing the craft and skill of 3rd party bits and model makers. This contest is a celebration of the immense creative ability of our community. Micro Art Studio the makers of amazing miniature bases is looking for the next great base design.

Micro Art Studio, makes many hobby related products, but it is their bases that make them truly special.  To demonstrate on just how amazing Micro Art Studio bases are take a look at the work from their design/painting team.

If you want to get your greedy hands on more Micro Art Studio art check out these links.

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Even without a model on top, Micro Art Studio Bases are astounding in of themselves.

For each one of these bases, Micro Art Studio gives credit where credit is due, as each creator and sculptor is acknowledge for their work.

What does this have to do with you the average hobbyist?

Well, Micro Art Studio wants you to design their next set of bases... or die trying.

They are running a month long contest where you submit your ideas for creating a whole new set of bases. The top three designers will win store credit to Micro Art Studio. The overall winner has the potential to be selected to have an entire line of bases made and sold by Micro Art Studio. The lucky designer getting a free full set of their design, along with full credit.

Now their is no guarantee (depending on the submissions) Micro Art Studio will follow through with designing a whole new line of bases based on your design.

At the very least the overall winner will receive 50€ or about $67 in store credit. The second and third place winners will receive 25€ each. This is regardless of the quality of the works submitted.

I want to make it clear that Micro Art Studio doesn't expect you to provide them will some full 3D rendering. Some of the best ideas only need a pen and piece of paper.

Mirco Art Studio has provided an example of the basic sort of thing they are looking for.

As you can see you don't have to be a Michelangelo, so if you have a good idea please don't feel intimidated! Also if you do have a digital background or work well with green stuff don't feel like you have to "dumb down" your design, submit that too! This contest is open to anyone where Micro Art Studio ships and make sure you don't take designs from other companies we will know!

This is about ideas no matter how they're presented! Just make something and send it in!

The submission process is easy.

Just use the following form. (If for any reason the form is not working for you send an email through Contact BoK)

[si-contact-form form='2']

Make sure the email Subject reads.

"All Your Bases are Belong to Us Contest"

The contest will run from now till September 30th 2013 with winners announced the following week.

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