My good friends over at Tablewar have finally gotten around to jumping on the gravy train with their very own Kickstarter. Tablewar makes by far the most spectacular army transport cases on the market, they rely on magnets and trays to adjust and slide into super hard cases. The Kickstarter are designed to provide an answer to transporting armies safely over long distances.

Here is a brief synopsis of the Kickstarter.

TABLEWAR™ has just kicked off our first Kickstarter project. Here is what you need to know:
1 – It is live now!
2 – It is for a brand new sized case called the TABLEWAR™ Mini Case
3 – There are a limited number of “Early Bird” pledge levels with two benefits: a discounted price AND early delivery
4 – The mini utilizes our same modular system but is small enough to fit underneath an Airplane Seat.
Check it out and pledge early for the best deal and the opportunity to be one of the first to have one of these amazing cases in your own hands. Here is the direct link to the TABLEWAR™ Mini Case Kickstarter; it includes ton of details, an informative video, and information about pledge levels, funding levels, and add-ons.
TABLEWAR™ is a registered trademark of Table War Designs, Inc.
Link to Kickstarter 
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