Now, last week I brought attention to someone at Games Workshop probability getting fired. I said that this could cause changes in some of the draconian policies GW has put forth against fans. Well, while this might not fall under the auspice of things are a changing, it should be noted for what it is: GW talking to its customers. There is an, oh so, small slice of the GW empire that hasn’t gotten the memo about ignoring the people on the Internet, the recently (May 2013) minted Games Workshop: Digital Editions Facebook Page!

I remember joining this little Facebook page when it had 300 likes, but now the word is out, and it has grown fast ever since. This Facebook page is unique, especially in the face of GW much publicize removal of its official Facebook page. Even more amazing is the Digital Editions Facebook Page actually provides real news! They broke the new Imperial Fists supplement and displayed the first images from the new Sisters of Battle update. That doesn’t even get to the real fainting part, make sure you brace yourself…the admin responses to COMMENTS!!!!

I know, I know, you cannot believe, I couldn’t myself at first, but it is true!

With that said, it is up to us, the fans, not to mess this up.

We all know the page is one troll infestation from going away, but I beg you all, if you join this Facebook page please don’t troll it! That probably means not complaining about the prices for digital products or spelling errors.

It is all we got, and maybe just maybe, if we all behave ourselves GW might change in other ways!

Of course, knowing GW they are completely unaware the admins are actually fostering real communication, and could institute the silent treatment at a moments notice. Still, even if you don’t care about digital copies, this Facebook page is a great way to keep up with the latest news and teases. They even run contests! This could be a case of a naïve GW employee, but better to get on the bandwagon now before it gets burned to the ground. It is also a good way to show GW that the Internet is not all a cesspool of haterade, so please join this page and like a post from time to time.

Games Workshop: Digital Editions Facebook Page



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