The release of this month's issue of White Dwarf brought us the official reveal for an expansion to Warhammer Fantasy called Triumph & Treachery.

This stand alone expansion allows gamers to play 3-5 player games with unique rules, cards, and tokens.

Sounds pretty cool right? One problem...

If you flip a few more pages you get another expansion being released next month, War Zone: Pandorax, still has one problem...

If you go and skim the digital products you will noticed Warhammer Fantasy Battlefields mini campaigns, again one problem...

Games Workshop continues to churn out content for all their games at an epic rate, but one thing is missing, something that would sell more than all the above releases combined.

A campaign or expansion to the basic Warhammer 40k game.

The Altars of War digital releases or the extra missions in the back of supplements don't cut it. Certainly, last years' Crusade of Fire didn't pass the test either. A large swath of players want a stand alone campaign or expansion.

I just don't get it, especially, after reading about Triumph & Treachery, which looks super cool! Doesn't GW know everyone, from fluffynutters to average players would salivate if they got a worthwhile add-on to Warhammer 40k. Imagine, from retail store perspective. An easy selling tool for the remaining large GW stores and independent retailers who don't have the time to design a campaign for their store. When I see Triumph & Treachery or any Apocalypse expansion I see wasted resources. It isn't like I don't see a space for these products, I just don't see a need or want when they leave out the same thing for basic Warhammer 40k.

Could you imagine the nerd hysteria if GW dropped a 100+ page campaign book on us? I know, I know Forge World does similar stuff, but a GW product accessible to all player would truly excite.

How about something that every army can partake in, and isn't devoted to just one sector of space? I am not even asking for some global campaign, just something a group of friends could responsibly complete with the models they currently have.

Sure, we have dedicated people who run campaigns across the world, using home-brew rules, but these great people are few and far between. If GW provided the tools for the not so creatively inclined it would go a long way to building stronger communities.

Then, what about an expansion? Not the buy giant models you will use a few times this decade while they otherwise collect dust expansion. How about something along the lines of Triumph & Treachery that allows for group play with some gimmicks thrown in? Is that really so hard to ask?

Warhammer 40k has a severe problem of not so good group play mechanics. Any expansions or campaigns will have to provide rules that bring more than two players together in some way. Apocalypse doesn't count because group play in the form of everyone bring all their models doesn't cut it. Expansions and campaigns breathe life into any game, just think about board games; the most successful ones don't go without an expansion for more than a year.

Part of me feels like GW is afraid to give us a Warhammer 40k expansion, they seem more than happy to tease us  with everything else. Worse, all these frivolous products only show, they could make a 40k add-on easily if they really wanted to. What if a product like Triumph & Treachery fails; you can imagine GW won't gleam the proper lessons from the failure.

As always, hope springs eternal!


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