Well that was fun! Now it is time to name the winners for the MaxMini Facebook contest. Now before I get to who won, you may be asking yourself didn’t the contest rules have only one winner possible? Well you would be correct, but as usual things are not as always as they seem. In addition, to the randomly selected winner of 50 euros, I also found stashed away some addition MaxMini swag to give away, so I selected some more winners from people who had comments and pictures for the contest.

Anyway, with out further adieu here are the winners!

The grand prize winner goes to!

Scott Bridges from the wonderful city of London!

Next up we have Sean Meininger who gets a wonderful blister pack of Steam Knight Helmets


 Then we got Jack Stover who gets Mechanical Shields


Next is Tom Whisenhunt who gets Large Shoulder Pads


We ain’t done though!

I had another Facebook post for Ork players and one lucky winner got his hands on some Badass Ork Bikers! And the winner is… Bradley Given from Kentucky!


Now, Scott Bridges you should be contacted by MaxMini about your prize, as for everyone else I will be sending you a Facebook message over the weekend for your address so I can send your swag! Thanks again to MaxMini to providing the prize support and we hope to do it again really soon, maybe with more specific prizes and conditions!

Speaking of more prizes, in the coming weeks expect to see another contest from another heavy hitter in the bits market! Here is a link to see who it is going to be…


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