This is a re-post to remind people you only have 48 hours before the Megamat Kickstarter is about to end!


My fantastic friends at Frontline Gaming have finally jumped on the Kickstarter gravytrain to deliver an amazing product to the tabletop gaming masses.

To give you an idea, can you remember the olden days of playing D&D on stale dungeon mats? If so you will understand what this Kickstarter is all about.

Here let me have the guys at Frontline Gaming and TableWar to explain.

Who: Frontline Gaming and TABLEWAR

What: MegaMat; a series of themed, full color 4’x6’ (and 4×4’ with stretch goals) tabletop gaming mats that don’t crease and resist stains, ready to play out of the box. The first two MegaMat™ design prototypes–Grassy Plains and Blast Zone–are done and in our hands! We have plans to unlock Urban, Snow, and Desert themed MegaMat™ designs in 4×6′ and 4×4′ sizes with stretch goals!

Where: Worldwide shipping* available.

When: Kickstarter to fund in December 2013, early bird products to ship in February 2014, second production run to ship in March 2014 with additional production runs to ship monthly, thereafter. Pledge early to get yours first!

Why: Because a beautiful, portable, gaming mat ready to play out of the box that doesn’t crease and is liquid resistant wouldn’t just be a mat, it’d be a MegaMat™, Boom!

Still, don’t get it here is the Kickstarter video to visually explain.

Having seen and played on the prototype, I have to say these are really nice mats! I hope everyone that can funds this Kickstarter, it is an easy way to bring a tabletop anywhere! Mostly importantly, it goes to my real life friends and they are good guys, so you all should help them out!

Here is the link and Kickstart this jam now!

Link to Frontline Gaming & TableWar Mega Mat KickStarter

If anyone else has a 40k related project you need a shout out for you can always ask BoK for free support!



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