I am getting some help from blogger and commission painter Granesh over at Smells Like Wargaming as he reviews some wonderful promotional models from Puppetswars. Flesh Hounds of Khorne model: Barghest Fiends. This is a follow up to my look at all the Flesh Hound alternatives around; but if you know of others hit me at BoK’s Facebook page.

Well let me get out-of-the-way and let Granesh take it from here…

This time, I jumped to the models I was most excited to assemble and get rocking: The Barghest Pack! Lets do this, shall we?

Disclaimer: Although I received these models through a promotional offer to promote both myself and Puppets War, I have no obligation to give a biased or favorable view because of the the circumstances. If I don’t like a kit or piece, you better believe I’ll speak my mind about it! Same goes if I love it!Puppets War’s Barghest Fiends Unit Review
Cost: $35 (approx USD)
Contains: 5 Complete models minus bases
The models come in four pieces: the torso and right legs, two left legs, and a head. Again, like the Rippers, they didn’t include bases, so if you’re going to pick them up, you’ll wanna order some bases for these bad boys! I opted for some GW ones, but I’ll touch on that later…
The models had a couple of vents on them, but nothing a pair of clippers and a file couldn’t take care of! I was also surprised by the lack of air bubbles! There’s a couple on the pads of their feet, but nothing in areas that would affect painting. Bravo Puppets War!
The left legs, as you can see, are all letter-matched to ensure everything lines up. You’ll want to dry fit everything together, just to ensure everything lines up though.
As I said, the lack of air bubbles and miscasts in these guys was incredible! I was certain the chains were going to have errors and imperfections, but lo! There weren’t any!
The holes where the heads attach was my only negative: The mold lines and flashing inside them made clean up very finicky and difficult on them, especially if you’re trying not to damage the collar. I ended up clipping the nub off the backs of the heads and just gluing them in that way. They’re still plenty sturdy though!
And the fully assembled beasts! You can see they fill up a full 40mm base with little room to spare! I would have thrown them on a 60mm or even a bike base, but I didn’t have any to spare, unfortunately. I remedied the sizing issue by making some sculpy rocks for them to run over ala James Wappel style. I haven’t had any time to throw some paint on them, but following Genghis Con, that should change!
These models have excellent uses for Warhammer 40k! My first thought, of course, was Hounds of Khorne: you get the same number, better sculpts, and still save $15! How can you go wrong?! They’d work as Dark Eldar Khymerae and Clawed Fiends and, again, save you money in the end! With a little conversion work, they could work as Kroot Hounds or even a replacement for a Krootox! Like Space Wolves and Chaos, but don’t like the Chaos codex? Bam! Chaotic Fenrisian Wolves! You’ll be able to find a use for these models in many MANY armies!
Quality: 4.5/5
Clean sculpts with little to no air bubbles or flashing, but the minor issue with the neck drops my rating to a 4.5.
Price: 5/5
Cavalry rocks in 6th Edition, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to run them! Puppets War delivers on price here easily!
Value: 5/5
Whether you’re a gamer or a painter, these models have everything! Lots of detail for painting, but still look great if you haven’t had the time to paint them. A basecoat and a heavy wash would do most of the work for you anyways! Lots of army applications, very distinct models!
Overall: 5/5
These models are definitely the go-to for you Khorne Daemons and Beastmaster Dark Eldar players out there! Even if you don’t have an army that can run them, the amount of details, clean sculpts, and poses will make for a fun painting project if nothing else.
You can find these models and many other excellent ones on Puppets War; they just released some barricade terrain pieces that look pretty sweet!
Now I’m itching to paint these guys up! Hoping to do a ruined Imperial Cathedral look on the bases so they still match my Chaos Marines, but are still different and distinct if I decide to do Daemons at some point.

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