Well I have to say I didn't see that coming, boy was I wrong! Last week I wrote about 7th being nothing more than 6.5, a repackage with minor tweaks. Now, it seems the world just got unbound and crazy. The rage from two White Dwarf pages was immediate, as fire like I have never seen before burned across the 40k Internet. The Games Workshop haters who have "moved on" danced with hate-spun glee as they trolled every forum possible to bash a game they once supposedly loved. 

I must admit joined in the freak out, I was honestly blindsided, but I really should've known better. It was the same feeling I got hearing Allies were coming back with 6th, it seemed illogical because GW had spent so much effort removing it from older editions. In truth, it was a necessary step for them to introduce it to every army (sorry Tyranids). It looks like all the Dataslates, formations, White Dwarf battle reports, were the ice breakers for the unbound game we are about have. Now we don't have the exact rules, but this could be the final GW capitulation having any allusion of game balance.

We thought for one brief second, that maybe, just maybe the complaints about 6th edition had broken through to GW, but instead they have doubled down on sandbox everything allowed to line their plastic pockets. 6th looks more and more like the stop-gap to 7th as the quick release schedule seems to imply.

Will it work?

Who knows, but my bet is it won't, for all the talk of letting the players do whatever they want, GW will lose all the players who want structure. A certain level of rigidity is require for a game of this scope and by forgoing it, will leave GW with fewer players to drive sales.

It is the reason the game was streamlined for 3rd edition, things just got out of control, currently it looks like the same story is about to play out again.

Now, I have taken 24 hours to calm down, stopped swallowing the troll poop; I realized the whole idea and extreme army lists being posted on forums are complete lunacy. These are the same people and excuses made when double FoC  appeared, and this Unbound 40k is the same thing. Until, the actual rules come out the Internet should be quite the cesspool, with people posting 10 Riptide lists that don't exist in playability, let alone reality.


What I am more interested and not getting as much intensity is the return of the Psychic phase and Mission Cards. These 2nd edition constructs could if done right make the game amazing. Of course, the chances things going right are slim, but I want to believe. The worse case is the Mission Cards will be just another random element to piss off people who lose a game because their opponent got the good ones while they didn't. The Psychic phase if done wrong could add an extra 30 minutes to a game already jammed filled with time sinks. Then there is the new psychic disciplines designed to make you buy a box of Bloodletters.

What looks dead (doing the most damage) is the pick-up game. At least in America where time is at a premium, having to negotiate what type of game with strangers is an unnecessary step. The tradition for many has been to show to the local shop, pull out an army, and play a game with the only decision being the point value. Unbound 40k will mean more awkward situations, and butthurt players, as they are not allowed to use the models they want to play, because GW cannot make a balanced game.

It won't affect old timers or the hobbyist, they usually only play a few games a year, planned around limited free time from family and whatnot. The pick-up gamer are typically 17-24 years old, the one who grows the game for the future, losing them to a crappy edition means fewer players for the future. They never will get a chance to become an old-timer who ends up (like me) drinking the cool-aid for eternity, but a 21 year-old has opinions and an internet connection, being easily swayed to never pick up 40k again. 6th to a certain extent and now 7th could kill an entire generation of potential long-term 40k players in one fell swoop, and GW loosey goosey rules could ultimately be their downfall.


Meat for Meta is rated editorial nonsense. These articles are meant to complain about some group, somewhere, that is playing the game for all the wrong reasons or simply to just make fun of 40k nerd rage.