Nothing piques nerd interest than wondering if our favorite celebrities play the games we love. As it turns out, an article on a large news site has taken the time to catalog the famous suspected Warhammer 40k players. The renewed focus on celebrity Wargamers comes mostly from the new teen hothrob Ansel Elgort, which I posted a few months back talking about his love for Warhammer on Conan O’Brien. If you want to know who else might be playing Warhammer 40k in a basement take a look at this well researched article from Grantland.

Nerdsplaining Warhammer

Here is a snippet from the article…

According to a Grantland investigation (conducted by me, using Google, over the course of about 45 minutes just now), the existence of celebrity Warhammerers was a perennially hot topic in online Warhammer forums long before Elgort made his interest known. The “Celebrities With Armies!” threads on sites like Dakka Dakka and WarSeer are full of unsubstantiated rumors that range from highly believable (Kevin Smith pal Jay Mewes used to paint Gorkamorka figurines, but never played the games) to somewhat suspicious (“Angelina Jollie [sic] used to have a pro painted Eldar army”). In a 2009 blog post, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way documented his longstanding Warhammer obsession, reminisced about painting Eldar figures with shitty Testors enamel as a teenager, and claimed to have introduced Patrick Stump to the world of 40K. Former Philadelphia Eagle Doug Brzezinski reportedly played; former Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe definitely does….

Speaking of basements here is another rare mention of Warhammer on national TV.



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