The next great Games Workshop conspiracy is upon us! GW our oppressive overload are not content anymore with just jacking up prices, not supporting tournaments, or not talking to the Internet, they have really out done themselves this time! You may have heard or even seen GW attempt at total base domination!

Yes, you heard correct GW is increasing the scale of their standard model base from 25mm to the slavery inducing 32mm! Now, before you go ripping off all your model bases, let us step back from precipice and dissect this new development.

A few weeks back when the drip, drip of leaks started to appear showing off the new campaign starter set Shield of Baal, folks noticed immediately the Death Company were on a new larger 32mm base. This sent speculation into overdrive, as there was no way GW would ever do such a thing! A few people calmed down and said this is only for jump pack units, because obviously the Death Company always have a jump pack on them. They also pointed to the poor xeno Genestealers (forgetting the new 75mm oval base for the Broodlord) still forced to plod along on those now infinitesimal 25mm bases! Obviously, another illustration for GW disdain for non-Space Marine armies.

Once the hysteria died down from the revelation and people felt secured only jump infantry were going to be  affected, suddenly GW threw the hammer down with this image leak!


Oh dear god, the HUMANITY!

Not the Tactical Space Marine!

How dare you GW, giving me a base I can pose my models the way I want to and have them actually fit completely on the base! Do I need all my bases converted ASAP or I won't be allowed in those non-existent GW sanctioned tournament!?!

What does this mean for all those third-party base makers like Micro Art Studio? I guess they should close up shop because one GW kit completely nullifies their business model. There is no way any resin base company can adapt as fast as GW to their new base supremacy. GW sure knows what they are doing, they have single-handedly corned the base market and all at $4.95 for a set of 10, and even worse web direct only!

Of course this is all pretty typical Games Workshop behavior, I mean they already force my wallet open every week, I shouldn't be surprised they came for my bases.

Perhaps, GW might have realized their models were getting progressively more complex and dare I say BIGGER over time, and this is just a natural evolution for their models. I mean it wasn't like Terminations were ever on 25mm bases right...

termies 1

Seriously, if you have a problem with the new larger base size you really need to find another hobby. The models you have are still just fine, I know keeping up with model Joneses will eventually cause you to collapse under the weight of base envy, but take a deep breath first.

Sure, over time like say five years from now people might start giving you odd looks at your mini bases on those tactical marines, but for the time being unless every kit by January 1st 2015 only comes with 32mm you will survive the base holocaust.

Unlike people who don't know businesses 101, the new size base is a blessing for other base makers. Since, wargamers cannot stand not being up to date instantly; the first new 32mm resin bases to show up on the market are going to sell like gangbusters. Sure it might cause some additional work, but artists, sculptors, and general hobbyists are going to have more base to play with.

Most importantly, like I said early my damn models will now fit on the base, and actually be less top-heavy with the bigger foot print-- really why didn't you do this a few years ago Games Workshop!


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