You may have noticed over the last few years a dramatic change in the way Warhammer 40k art is presented. At one time, you could find a multitude of illustrators and artists filling up codexes and other Games Workshop products with new art. Since around the time of the 6th edition of Chaos Space Marine codex things made an abrupt change.

One man would come to dominate the art assets for the Warhammer 40k universe, every codex for the last three years has borne his mark. Raymond Swanland is the new John Blanche of Warhammer 40k; where Blanche was a classic artist with abstract leanings combining Postmodernism and Primitivism, Raymond instead embraces all the trappings of modern technology, with hyper-realism and graphic novel techniques his calling cards. An artists truly for the digital masses.

The art direction at GW has taken an obvious hit, the Chapterhouse exploitation of the early years was used to draw "inspiration" for their models. This inadvertently given Raymond Swanland the opening to dominate now Warhammer 40k artist universe. Sure, you can find other artists for GW products, but they been regulated to character drawings and iconography, unless you establish yourself in the halls of the Black Library. As for the core GW products Raymond Swanland is the end all be all. His final triumph is plastered throughout the Shield of Baal Campaign, and the release of the Shield of Baal Art Book.

Raymond Swanland obviously fits well with the current image GW is trying to portray for the 40k universe. 

Here is a sample of some of his work...

Raymond Swanland has been doing this for a long time, he started out by bringing to life the creatures  found in the Oddworld video games. As a freelance illustrator you can also find him doing art for Magic: The Gathering. He also has a slight Star War obsession creating art mostly for his own personal gratification. You can follow him on Facebook as he regularly updates showcasing new art.

For the more images from Raymond Swanland head on over to Blood of Kittens Art of Warhammer webpage.

 Raymond Swanland Collection


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