Over the last couple of years Games Workshop has introduced digital content like never before. As it is, I often forget not everyone can keep track of all GW releases with many gamers forgetting about certain products almost the second they come out.

It only gets worse, as much of GW's digital content never gets a physical copy, so gamers never reminded unless they go digging.

Even then the content is often over-priced and not worthy of hard-earned hobby dollars; this article is about those products that may have slipped through the cracks. It is time to share with folks some hidden gems you may have missed out over the years.

This buying guide is for digital only products; things released without an accompanied physical copy. The following list represents products that give you the most value for the price.

Here are Blood of Kittens top 10 digital only products.

Number 10: Tactica: XV104 Riptides

It is a bit odd to start a top 10 list with a joke, but really if you want to humor yourself and three bucks to spend, the Riptide Tactica might be right for you. This was the second and probably last Tactica released by GW, sure you can get better ideas for how to use a Riptide from most forums or blogs, but this release gives you some insight into what the folks at GW think is tactics. Especially, if you wonder why GW doesn't understand competitive play.



Number 9: Adepta Sororitas Codex

Almost out of no where this Sisters of Battle codex came out. Sure, all Sister players want a full blow codex with new models, but of all the Sisters stop gaps GW has done this is the best one hands down. The rules are streamlined easy to understand, with only a few units being downgrade. The Adepta Sororitas Codex is packed full of content, new art, missions. Unlike the Inquistoral codex it doesn't feel a cut & paste job, but an actual real codex. In fact, no other codex has army specific missions built right in and at $32.99 this is the cheapest codex around. Since the Adepta Sororitas work great as an ally force, anyone looking to add Sisters won't have to spend much for the rules.



Number 8: Carnage!

At two bucks you get a classic mission missing from most table tops. Almost everyone has played folks team games, but few play a four player free-for-all. Carnage! is 4v4 mission best played with your closest gaming buddies. This mission organically creates a dynamic where everyone is trying to convince everyone else to attack each other, while at the same time you sneak you way to the center of the board. This isn't a mission for folks who don't know each other, as it can degenerate into bad feelings if some thinks they are getting picked on.


Number 7: Dataslate - Helbrutes

Lost in the avalanche of releases this year was one of the best GW kits to come out in a long time: the Helbrute, and to accompany the release was a Dataslate. At five bucks you get a detailed history, explaining how Helbrutes fit into Chaos universe, with operation retcon in full effect. The Dataslate core is the three formations, which when you compare to other Dataslates with only one, is a much better value. The formations themselves also breaths some life into the Chaos Space Marine codex.



Number 6: Dataslate - Tyrannic War Veterans

This Dataslate came along with the release of the latest Tyranid codex and was attempt by GW to sell some unique Ultramarine sculpts, but instead probability contributed to more Stormtalon sales than anything. This Dataslate works on three levels. It brings interesting fluff together, provides rules for a new unit, and has a the most unusual formation in the game. If you are a competitive player it is a must-have more because understanding the powerful formation inside will better prepare you against possible shenanigans. This product though is a stretch at seven dollars, but one you shouldn't overlook.



Number 5: Legion of the Damned Codex

Yes, you will have to like Legion of the Damned, but most importantly you have to love 40k mysteries. This "Codex" brings together all the theories concerning the Legion of the Damned into one place. This is in addition to providing players with new rules, a detachment, warlord traits, and most of all missions! If you want to know more before buying this probably slightly over-priced product check out the Blood of Kittens review here.



Number 4: Altar of War - Cryostorm

This 2014 advent calendar release totally went under the radar, but is a great hidden gem. This is a Death Worlds mission, but unlike how other Death World missions play this one uses mission specific Tactical Objectives. Their is another twist, easy to incorporate into other games: Munitions Drop. I won't go into detail, but if you enjoy casual narrative type of play you really should pick Cryostorm!


Number 3: Dataslate - Cypher

From the 2013 advent calendar Dataslate: Cypher still holds up as one of the best releases around. This is the complete history of the enigmatic Fallen Dark Angel, providing a wealth content. You get fluff, rules, a formation, a detachment, and missions. One of the best things is Cypher can fit into almost any army either as proxy model or the real the thing. Here is the Blood of Kittens review if you need more convincing.


Number 2: Kill Team

Tired of what seems like the ever-increasing size of games? Want an update to an old classic from Warhammer 40k 4th edition? Most importantly, do you want games done in one hour? Well Kill Team is for you! This digital release brings back Kill Team by updating it, taking out the things that made old Kill Team convoluted, focusing on making making games quick bloody affairs.

If you want more details here is the Blood of Kittens review.


Number 1: Leviathan Rising

Hands down the best Digital content you can find from GW. If you love Tyranids or just crave original content this is one special release. Leviathan Rising is a prelude to the Shield of Baal Campaign and many ways a superior. Of course you won't get the polish of other GW Campaigns, but for a fraction of the cost Leviathan Rising is amazing. Leviathan Rising is very focused and unlike other campaigns, is playable with just you and another buddy. It also doesn't require using five different factions like other releases. Originally this was three separate Dataslates, but now is one bundle saving you 12 dollars if bought separately.

Blood of Kittens did extensive reviews of each Dataslate, so if you are hesitant to dive in check this out. 




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