Normally I reserve these posts for something silly I find on YouTube, but this time thanks one of my Facebook friends I was shown something quite amazing.

As wargamers we all dream of special place to house are models and gaming products. Typically, we put all our stuff in an office or the real fortunate a man cave with a game table. There though is one man, a man who has taken the game room to another level! This game room is an actual work of precise interior design, and we all should be envious. Luckily, the person responsible for this game room chronicled his journey. The game room was completed almost five years ago; how I or anyone could miss this blog and post is beyond me.

Here is a snippet of Helge’s Wargaming Room from Wargaming Workshop

I have had the opportunity to design and built a wargaming room from scratch. This page gives an overview of the design intent and the final result.

Objective: Develop a fully functional game and hobby room with good visual appeal and comfort level.

–          Comfortable hosting of a full sized 8’x4’ game with 2-6 players

–          Large, well-lit painting station with elevated table top for comfort

–          Work area with drawer space for tools and materials

–          Display cabinet able to hold ~40 armies (~6000 miniatures)

–          Visible storage for terrain and skirmish display bases

–          Hidden storage for terrain tiles, game boxes and construction materials

–          Kid-security for each cabinet and the whole room (wide door for entry of larger terrain items).

–          Phone, PC and hands-free intercom (wife’s answer to “lockable door”)

To preserve the visual appeal and “dust-free” status of the room, all heavy duty work is limited to an attached work room not shown in the design. The work room includes a work bench with Dremel scroll saw, drill press, belt sander, various hand tools, a 6’ wide cast iron sink and various hand tools. The work room connects to the exterior and/or garage for summer/winter spray painting.


The design is custom made in terms of layout and cabinetry to meet the requirements above. The layout divides a work area with multiple stations from the gaming area and the display area where miniatures and terrain are stored.

The colour scheme was inspired by the Games Workshop Museum but with lighter grey walls for practical reasons (painting requires light which makes black walls impractical).

Figure 1: Actual photo and rendering of the Games Workshop Museum (copyright Games Workshop, used without permission)

The primary elements of the design are a work area along the south wall, a display cabinet on the north wall, an accessory cabinet on the east wall and the main gaming table in the centre.

Figure 2: Design drawings for game room including colour scheme and custom furniture

For more pictures and the full story. Just follow the link below.


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