I always enjoy the creative lengths many Warhammer 40k fans go to creating their own personal visions of the Grimdark. I use the Best of 40k Internet to showcase these passions/absurdities. My Facebook feed is often filled with such things, but last month I came across the most amazing 40k cosplay I had ever seen. Typically, cosplay is a crapshoot when it comes to quality, but what you looking at below is some movie blockbuster quality!





This level of cosplay is featured on huge websites like i can has cheezburger and Kotaku.

The creators are an amazing Danish duo known as Roses and Boltshells who take their 40k show to events all over Europe. On their Facebook page you will see all their creations, along with tutorials for those who think they can match their expertise. If you want more they also have a Youtube channel! Roses and Boltshells use every medium possible from metal, wood, plastic, rubber you name it!

So when ever you feel like you are taking your hobby to the next level, just remember there is always someone going that much higher for the Emperor.


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