BoK Reviews: White Dwarf Issue #92

White Dwarf Issue #92: Starborn Slaughterers

White Dwarf reviews operate differently than other Blood of Kittens Reviews. The goal with these reviews is to place a value for each issue. The rating system is one to four stars, each star represents $1 in value, to a max of four dollars. The review values are also Warhammer 40k based; Age of Sigmar dedicated issues will still be reviewed, but valued for Warhammer 40k players. It means you could see many low valued issues, with the general Games Workshop hobbyist actually valuing more. Keep this in mind when deciding if a particular White Dwarf Issue is good for you.

Contents: New Releases

This week’s White Dwarf gives everyone an one week break from Warhammer 40k with some Age of Sigmar. The Lizardmen have returned with a more copyrightable name: Seraphon. This release is nothing more than a repackaging of kits removing old square bases for new round ones. We learn the new Lizardmen history is all about being SPACE DINOS! The Seraphon get their own codex as well as a Limited edition set, that certainly won’t get close to selling out.

All is not lost! We do get some 40k releases. The Tau Tidewall products get their re-release, so you can buy individual Shieldlines, Droneports, and Gunrings. White Dwarf has some cool shots of the individual pieces and goes into detail about the hidden design elements each part has. The Forge World section showcases the incoming release of new Eldar Corsair rules for the updated Doom of Mymeara Imperial Armour book. The images show upgrades for Eldar Jetbikes and a new Flamer template slinging  Wraithknight.

Lastly, Warhammer Visions Issue 22 is coming out. I have to say Visions has really been helped by the larger magazine format, because if you are going to make a picture book you better make one where everyone can see the images in detail.

Contents: Armies of the Stars

These few pages shows a impressive Lizardmen army, with a great purple color scheme. If you plan on making an Eldar Exodite army their are some good ideas to be had. Beyond that, White Dwarf goes into the Lizardmen place in the Age of Sigmar universe, like having their own star constellation.

Contents: Paint Splatter

This Paint Splatter demonstrates how you can create an old school Tau paint scheme. This tutorial demonstrates how the newer Games Workshop paints do a great job of creating color depth, which is ages beyond the flatly painted Tau models of yesteryear.

What is GW saying?

Released Oct. 31th 2015

White Dwarf 92 descends from the heavens and with it… the Seraphon! Star-borne descendants of the Lizardmen of the world-that-was, the Seraphon are guided by their Slann Starmasters to descend from the Realm of Heavens and purge the Mortal Realms of the taint of Chaos.

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Contents: Armies on Parade

Owen Patten easily has one of the best displays for a recent Armies on Parade. The Tau army is crisp and the air brushing is exemplary. The cool blue colors work surprisingly well with the greens and metallics of the display board. The bases for the Tau tie in with the board as well. Only thing bad for Owen is his Commander Starshrike isn’t the new kit that came out last week, so I am sure he is already building and/or painting one right now.


Contents: The Rules

This week we get rules for all the Tidewall parts, which are also available in the Kauyon Campaign book, so if you don’t want that book this is a cheap way to get some rules. The flexibility of each piece creates mobile weapon amplifiers for all Tau units to use, compensating for their low ballistic skills.

File_004 File_003 File_002

Contents: The Week in White Dwarf

In this section of useless info, we have more Seraphon nonsense, along with a tips for connecting Tau Tidewall parts together.

Next Issue Hints: None, but we know the Horus Heresy Board Game is coming!

Final Verdict

Issue #92 is an average WD issue, helped by the Tau Tidewall Rules, otherwise this would have been one the weakest WD in a long time. The Paint Splatter helps, only all the rushed Lizardmen filler without any new models really brings this issue down.