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Network News: Formation and Detachment Compendium Update


Network News is rated: trending towards the land of make believe importance for this blog

We survived a good two months of limited 40k Formation & Detachment goodness, to finally break through with the surprise Warzone Fenris campaign first book Curse of the Wulfen. I took the time to add all the new Space Wolves Formations and find the Imperial Guard Start Collecting Formation. I also found a forgotten formation from Warzone Damocles mini-book Burning Dawn for the Tau.

What is really been a pain is finding the Raven Guard companion Formation from Damocles and the Strike Force Daggerfist web-elusive Formation for the the Space Wolves. If anyone can track those two down please use the email form below and let me know!

I will get to the Daemon Formations and the new Ork ones in the next update, but in the meantime enjoy the massive Space Wolf love!


Formation Compendium

The Formation Compendium, everything you need to create the perfect army tailored to your needs.

Detachment Compendium

The Detachment Compendium, everything you need to create the perfect army tailored to your needs.

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