Two intrepid gamers took the time to conduct a pretty professional survey on the state of the Warhammer 40k through the eyes of players in the three major Games Workshop markets. The survey took place this Spring and represents a great cross section of 40k players, conducted over 4 days with over 1000 participants. The survey covered pretty much all the big debates hobbyists have with the game.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about…


The info graph is very cool looking and shows off the most important results clearly. I also like a bit of humor interjected, 40k players only understand.

Here is the link to the graph.


There is also an even more detailed pdf, at this location.

Download the full survey results (PDF, 3.3mb)

The full results really gets into the weeds, teasing out the results of the survey with a possible bias in how exactly how the data is interpreted.

I highly recommend anyone interested in the this sort of thing to take a look, and if you have contacts in GW send it their way! It is important for a company that doesn’t perform marketing to get at least some information on how their customers feel.

Thanks goes out to Alex Bedard and Jamie Isfeld for putting it together, I hope they do these annual as it will be a great resource for the progress or regression in the game.


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