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BoK Reviews: White Dwarf Issue #129

White Dwarf Issue #128: The Wild Waaagh!

White Dwarf reviews operate differently than other Blood of Kittens Reviews. The goal with these reviews is to place a value for each issue. The rating system is one to four stars, each star represents $1 in value, to a max of four dollars. The review values are also Warhammer 40k based; Age of Sigmar dedicated issues will still be reviewed, but valued for Warhammer 40k players. It means you could see many low valued issues, where a general Games Workshop hobbyist actually valuing them more. Keep this in mind when deciding if a particular White Dwarf Issue is good for you.

Contents: New Releases

This is in the running for worse White Dwarf ever, with new releases everyone knew about weeks in advance and old releases repackaged to convince us they are brand new. I could go into the list of Orruk models, but if you were an Fantasy Ork player you probably already have them. As for actual new products here we go, Bonesplitterz Battletome all you need to field a Sigmar Savage Ork army. The real interesting products are surprising cheap, Storm of Sigmar has 13 models for $33 bucks, Getting Started with Sigmar book for $8, and Easy to Build boxes for $15 each. The best new release though comes in the form of the General’s Handbook which finally introduces points and force organization for Age of Sigmar, also included is campaign and narrative play.

What is GW saying?

Released July 16th, 2016

The wild Waaagh! descends in White Dwarf 129 with the coming of the Bonesplitterz, the savage sons of Gorkamorka. But that’s not all – if you’ve been waiting to get into Warhammer Age of Sigmar this week brings a host of great new ways, with a new compact starter set, Storm of Sigmar, the great new Getting Started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar and more. But the biggest news of the week is surely the General’s Handbook, bringing a raft of new gaming options including – wait for it – points values to the Age of Sigmar! Grab one now

Webstore Link

Contents: Readers’ Models

Here we get an impressive array of reader submitted models, I have to say this is some of the finest looking selection of models I have seen in awhile. My favorite comes from Aurelie Schick who paints a great looking Land Raider Redeemer.


Contents: This Week In…

To give you an idea on how terrible this issue is, all you have to see is this White Dwarf comes with basically two sections, and one obligatory mess of The Week In repeating the same crap to sell you.

Next Issue Hint: Shattered Dominions, Magic Circles and Golden Demons!

Final Verdict

Issue #129 perhaps the ultimate Age of Sigmar issue, complete with old repackaged units and more desperate attempts to save a failing product line.

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