The Las Vegas Open 2019 Coverage

by | Feb 7, 2019

Thursday night I will be taking my recently out of surgery carcass to Las Vegas and the Bally’s Hotel, the home of the largest Warhammer 40k tournament in the World the Las Vegas Open. This year the Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament is sold out once again, with over upwards of 700+ tickets sold, will the event retain that ground breaking number is anyone’s guess.

Once again Games Workshop will be getting involved, sending out the Twitch channel casters to broadcast live! The LVO will also have Forge World selling the new Sanguinius. We can also expect a studio preview Thursday night to get everyone excited before the main events. Adding to the prestige is a visit from billionaire Marc Merrill partaking in a charity event against everyone’s favorite sportsman Alex Fennel.

The main event though will be Warhammer 40k Championships with thousands on the line for a few players with a chance to win the entire ITC!

Here are the current Top 20 players in the ITC

6MalikAmin Rubio696.54 

The championships will see some new wrinkles with sportsmanship playing a more prominent role. Things like Yellow Cards and Red Cards given out by the judges can affect the outcomes of the games. There will also be uniform terrain rules across all tables.

The organizers and judges have already taken extra care to inspect every army list and anyone can see for free on the BCP player app. No more sneaky people making last minute changes or pretending like anyone gives a crap what gotcha you might have in your army.

Like all previous large event coverage this post will be dedicated to images and updates from each round as the best players in the world duke it out, so keep on coming back for updates everyday at all hours of the day. Though as a warning I might bow out of coverage at any given moment because of current recovery state.

Blood of Kittens will also be Facebook Live casting at totally random times, so keep a look out for that on the Facebook page.

Blood of Kittens Facebook

As for some predictions before the event gets started, I will be on the lookout for a few of my favorites. I am hoping we don’t get any Eldar making it to the top, so my money will be behind Steven Pampreen and his Orks and Andrew Gonyo and his fantastic Death Watch. There is also a few nightmare scenarios possible with a few controversial players who could sneak in and take the top prize.

 Check back to this post from February 7th to 10th for Total Coverage

Round 1

is typically pretty drama free and without much in the way of marquee matchups. Still we do have a few interesting matches going on with potential for big upsets.

Be on the lookout for the results from.

Andrew Gonyo (Death Watch) vs Brett Armitage (Eldar Flyer Spam): In what looks to be an amazing game Gonyo was able to pull out a 1 point win! 25 to 24 so his dreams ITC gold are very much alive.

Gareth Hunt (always LVO Bridesmaid) (Talos Eldar)  vs. Justin Curtis (Magnus & Morty) again in another super close game Gareth lost by 3 points to Justin 31-28

Round 2

Wow Round is showcases no really compelling games. With only Nick Rose (Genestealer Cult) vs. Austin Wingfield (Magnus & Morty) coming closest to being a game of interested. 

Nick Rose was able to beat Austin to advance to round 3 with a perfect score.

We did though have some upset in Round 2 with Tyler DeVries and Kelsey Haley losing. 

Round 3

Round 3 is when things typically start to get interesting, but still with such a large number of players we still won’t see that much in the way of amazing match ups, except for one…

The biggest match is going to be Trent Northington (Ynnari) vs. Nick Nanavati (Orks). This is a big game for Nick because if he wins he will also take out the 4th ranked ITC player from contention. 

Another fun matchup is will be former ETC American Team member Ben Cromwell (Knights) vs. Lawrence Baker (Dark Eldar) Two great players with nicely painted armies.  

Nick was able to win his match knocking out Trent from the top brackets. The big upset of round 3 though goes to Matt Root losing Mark Wright’s Blood Angels Soup List! That means 3 and 4th ranked ITC players are out.

What is amazing is in an event this large even after 3 games there is still 74 players with a 3-0 record!

Round 4

Round 4 is starting and we got two great games to follow.

Sean Nayden (Ynnari) vs. Alan Blakeborough (almost pure IG)

Mark Crombleholme (Dark Eldar Grotesques) vs. Alex Harrison (Ynnari Flyer Spam) 

Sorry getting a little late to the event thank you surgery. Alex Harrison won his game and Sean Nayden won his, but the upset of round 4 was Alex Fennell losing taking him out of the contention. 

Round 5

Now things are really starting to shape up with the Top players about to start facing off. What makes this even more interesting is that because of just how many players LVO has we won’t see any players with 1 loss make it and good chance a few undefeated players won’t make it in. It is all about points at this point, so expect some cutthroat actions. 

Pairings are up and we got some amazing games. 

Top is going to be Alex Harrison (Ynnari Flyers Spam) vs. Nick Nanavati (Orks). Now Alex is known for some past cheating ordeals so this is going to be a super interesting game.

Next is Nick Rose (Index Gene Cult) vs Brad Chester (Eldar) this will be a great game and expect Nick Rose to whine about something at some point while Brad just shrugs.

WOW fantastic round 5! We had lots of great games and even with a lot of tabling. 

The ITC championship is officially up for grabs. Both Mike Porter and Nick N. have lost, I have to say this really puts Nick Rose in the driver seat to win it all. Also my favorite list Andrew Gonyo lost. 

Round 6

Ok it is on! 

The game of this round has to be Nick Rose (Index Genestealer Cult) vs. Sean Nayden (Ynnari). 

The other game of this round is Steven Pampreen (Orks) vs Alex Harrison (Ynnari Flyers Spam)

Looks to be an amazing ending! 

So Nick Rose lost to Sean Nayden by failing two critical charges with Abbrants and Genestealers. It looks like a close game with Curtis and Snider and Alex Harrison is pulling away in his game against Steven.

So the Cinderella Snider wins again, now betting another top player Justin Curtis! Also Brandon Grant won his game. 

So we have so far into the Top Mike Snider, Brandon Grant, Sean Nayden so far.

Round 6.5

Brutal but super cool, thanks to having too many undefeated players, the LVO has decided to have an extra play in round for the top players ranked 4-12. That means four more games!

Sean Nayden vs. Justin Pizzoferrato

William Abilez vs. jonathan geiger

Scott Horras vs. matthew allee

Aaron Towler vs. Joshua Death

We might not know until the wee hours who is going to make the top 8!

Round 7

Sorry guys I am in quite a bit of pain at the moment, so don’t know if I can do much covering, I am watching the Twitch stream so sorta following.

So far we have Alex Harrison beating Josh Death taking out one of only two none Ynnari or Castellan IG list.
As well Brandon Grant is going to table Sean Nayden most likely.