It Came from Warhammer 40k Ebay…

by | Sep 30, 2019

eBay is filled with a wondrous myriad of objects to sell and buy, so no surprise it is a great place to find deals on Warhammer miniatures. Since everywhere is able to set their own prices for whatever they want to sell you often get online shops or individuals who have no idea the value of what they are selling. As someone who is often buying and selling Warhammer models on eBay, I have come across quite a few completely clueless sellers.

Here is a few I found this last week. 

Lets start with a common mistake many sellers do by trying to “conversions”,  it is hard enough to even sell the best conversions on eBay, but when you try to sell something horrific it doesn’t matter how cheap you make because no one is going to buy it!

You can get those sweet Centurions for the low, low price of $25 + $10 shipping for total stupidity. 

Next up is my personal favorite, items sold as “Pro Painted” a lot of times you get armies painted by the best commission painters, but more often we get every Tom, Dick and Harry posting blurry pictures claiming something is Pro Painted with the one below being quite egregious.

Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Tactical Marines, are worth maybe $20 bucks at most. So you can guess just how much these beautiful painted models are being auctioned for?

Bids start at $115.00!

I know, I know the bases alone are worth that amount! Really though, the sellers description is all you really need to be sold on this steal of an auction…

This 10 man Tactical Squad is fully loaded with a sergeant, Plasma cannon, Plasma rifle, and 7 boltgun wielding Dark Angels Space Marines. This Squad is fully painted and based in the standard colors of the Dark Angels Chapter with the Fifth Company squad markings on their left knee pads. These Models went straight out of the box and onto the painting table. Each detail is carefully painted with hours upon hours of fine detail work and intended to match existing dark angels paint schemes. These Models can be a nice addition to your current dark angels Army if you just need one more squad for holding objectives or protecting high value units. Based on Gray Stone slate style Rock with Green Tufts to match the dark angels green. Light Blue Plasma.

I should also mention this person paid the extra money to have this be a sponsored auction.

Finally, we have the curious case of the genre combining auction below.

These 20 or so Cadian Imperial guard are supposedly painted as Cobra Troopers from G.I. Joe. So with such amazing conversion and painting work, what would this seller decide on the starting price? 

US $159.99!??!?!!?

Now, this ridiculous price comes most likely from the seller being an idiot that doesn’t check or care if is store actions are wildly over-priced with any idea of what they are actually selling. 

Either way, this is just a sample of the amazingly humorous auctions you can find on eBay for Warhammer 40k on any given day.

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