A Meme History of the Iron Hands

by | Oct 18, 2019

If you are casual player you might have missed the Warhammer 40k online community going crazy over Space Marine Iron Hands chapter winning a ton of large tournaments over the last weekend; which Games Workshop was warned about by playtesters and the community for weeks and months. The results were an epic hand wringing that infected forums, groups, podcasts, and blogs everywhere.  Then to some minor shock Games Workshop took the hint from community outrage, and did the right thing, by nerfing Iron Hands to be in line with the other still pretty OP other Space Marine rules.

More importantly, one could follow all these developments through the countless MEMES created to showcase the paranoia that gripped the Warhammer 40k community and FAQ aftermath. This post and the memes represent a time capsule for us to remember the week Warhammer 40k was almost destroyed, so go ahead and get yourself up from the fainting couch because these memes are damn funny.

The first gallery is for pre-FAQ memes showing the plight against the new Iron Hands overlords, followed by the 10 minutes of heavy breathing reaction gallery to the premature Games Workshop FAQ, and finally the last gallery a glorious post-FAQ meme requiem.

Thanks to all the meme creators, but mostly a certain Salty John for his tireless meme work.


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