10 Questions Games Workshop Developers won’t answer.

by | May 23, 2020

Now that we have 9th edition announcement out of the way, it is time to get the speculation train going, but before that starts Games Workshop is going to give us a “live” Q & A coming to Twitch next Tuesday, May 26th at 7:00 pm (BST). The format sadly has the Devs taking questions from the community days beforehand, then answering whatever they feel like, meaning we won’t get any tough ones, and half of them will be just clarifications from the Q&A they already released.

I though have some questions I have of my own that can’t or won’t certainly be answered; I also acknowledge some are out of the purview of the developers to know or answer, but still should be asked. I really wanted to take bird’s eye approached with these questions, because getting into the weeds of things like, “When is the next Primarch coming” or will “Necrons be good” are boring and expect.

So here are my 10 questions I know Games Workshop won’t answer in no particular order.

  1. Will GW start “encouraging” competitive events to play only the official missions from the main rule book?

  2. Will GW start “encouraging” competitive events to play at lower point totals and/or smaller tables?

  3. Will GW take a greater hand in “encouraging” the community and events to police toxic members or cheaters?

  4. Will GW let the initial rules release of the new rules play out before making a knee jerk reactions/changes to vocal minorities?

  5. Will GW finally have Forge World 40k rules only be tested and developed by the main GW 40k design team?

  6. Will GW commit to never “Legends or Squating” non-primaris marines in the future?

  7. How does GW intend to exactly monetize the new 40k app?

  8. Last edition GWcommitted to all codexes redone within a year and almost did it, what is the codex release timetable for 9th edition? 

  9. Besides pure greed, any other reasons GW doesn’t make ALL rules free like many games in the tabletop community?

  10. Why doesn’t GW open up play testing to the public at large, similar to beta testing for video games?

What questions would you like answered by the Q&A you know what be answered?

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