Psychic Awakening: Engine War Compilation

May 29, 2020

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Psychic Awakening: Engine War, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Psychic Awakening: Engine War. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Psychic Awakening: Engine War will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: May 30th 2020 Release Date: June 6th 2020 

  • Psychic Awakening: Engine War: $40
  • Tech-Priest Manipulus: $35
  • Serberys Raiders and Sulphurhounds: $60
  • Pteraxii Sterylizors and Skystalkers: $60
  • Archaeopter: $100
  • Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus: $95


Adeptus Mechanicus Rules

Imperial Knights Rules

Chaos Knights Rules

Chaos Daemons Rules

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks


Get ready to claim even more blood for the Blood God and even more skulls for the Skull Throne. For a single Command Point, you can declare one of your Bloodthirsters to be an Exalted Bloodthirster – giving it access to new abilities. You can either randomly determine two of these, or you can freely select a single one. If your Bloodthirster is getting stuck in (and it’s a Bloodthirster, so if it isn’t, you’re probably not getting the most out of it), then give it the Slaughterborn ability.

Extra strength and an extra attack on top of those from Unstoppable Ferocity? Yes please! Anyone who says that they like facing a Strength 9 Bloodthirster with 8 Attacks is lying.

You can also equip your Bloodthirster with a Blood-drinker Talisman, a new Hellforged Artefact, to steal the very life essence of those that it kills.

Now you use enemy models as “blood batteries” to power up your Warlord! Khorne has also blessed his followers with some new Stratagems, such as The Scent Of Blood.

Get your Flesh Hounds to rush ahead of your army and tie down enemy units until your Bloodthirsters arrive to finish the job and claim those skulls.


She Who Thirsts is turning up the dial of excess with a bunch of treats for their followers. Firstly, you can upgrade your Greater Daemons, to gain an Exalted Keeper of Secrets.* Sometimes, the servants of the Dark Prince seek out the musk created by their enemy’s fear.

After hunting down the fearful, you’ll need something to kill them with. That’s where this new Relic comes in.

Offering an extra point of Strength over the witstealer sword AND extra attacks, use this to slice your way through your enemies. Slaanesh has also provided an excess of new Stratagems. 

Add this, alongside the Fear-seeker ability, to your Exalted Keeper of Secrets. The Fiends will overload the enemy with fear, and the Keeper of Secrets will drink deep of their terror. 


Our kindly grandfather brings us new ways to spread his plagues. First up is the Exalted Great Unclean One.** Give them the Avalanche of Rotten Flesh ability and nothing will be able to stand in their way when they get up to full speed.

The enhanced Crushing Bulk ability means that you can wear down enemy units before the Great Unclean One finishes them off in combat. Nurgle has also offered us some of his finest Relics to choose from. Do you ever struggle to choose between Stream of Corruption and Nurgle’s Rot? Well, now you can pick an extra psychic power AND it can’t be stopped if you roll Nurgle’s chosen number.

Equip this Relic to really turn your Warlord into a psychic master. Whoever your Warlord is, they’ll have some new Stratagems to choose from too and, for Nurgle, sometimes not even death is enough to stop the spread of a plague.

Wait until your enemy has a few units close together, and then send your cavalry into the heart of their lines. Of course, this is just when you’ll start passing all of those Disgustingly Resilient rolls!


Just as planned, Tzeentch brings some new tricks to the party. If your army needs an upgrade, make your Lord of Change Exalted and he can shut down enemy psychic powers permanently.

Use this to quell your opponent’s crucial psychic power or even just to prevent them from casting Smite again. What could be even tricksier than taking away a psychic power? How about taking away an aura ability?

Primaris Lieutenants have been having things their own way for far too long, it’s time to shut them down. Just as planned. It’s not all exquisite schemes that make you steeple your fingers and grin like an evil villain though – there are also some out and out offensive buffs too.

Use this on large Flamer units to maximise your mortal wounds and watch the galaxy burn (literally).

Engine War brings a host of new Stratagems that unlock awesome tactical options for your army. Do the dice gods desert you when you’re rolling for the number of shots with your Armiger autocannons?* Thin Their Ranks is for you then.

Use this when you’re up against a large unit and blow them to smithereens. Of course, you still need to roll to hit. Wouldn’t it be better if you automatically hit? Well, if you don’t mind your Knight Warden getting close, you can unleash its Belligerent Machine Spirit.

Twelve Strength 6, Damage 2 hits is going to ruin a lot of people’s days. If you prefer your Knights to get into combat though, why not reward them for their successes?

Chaos Knights rampaging across the galaxy? Bring them the judgement of the Imperium by using your bonus attacks to lay low even more of the heretical war machines.

Household Traditions

As with their dark, traitorous brethren, the Imperial Knights now also give you the option to create your own knightly household. When you do this, you get to select two abilities and apply them to your force. Do your Knights like to squash hordes as if they were insignificant insects? Then choose Guardians of the Frontier.

Combine this with Stormstriders to ensure that you can always get your Knights into battle quickly.

These two abilities together will give you a fast-moving, aggressive army. Woe betide any who would stand against you!

Choose Your Allegiance

Imperial Knights owe their allegiance to either the Imperium of Man or the Machine Cult, and you can now get a bonus for your army depending on which one you choose to swear yourself to. Throw in your lot with the Omnissiah and make the Sacristan Pledge.

Regaining a wound every turn makes your Knights even more durable. Think about how smug you’ll be when this takes you up into another wound bracket and makes your Knight deadlier too…

Each Allegiance also offers a choice of three new Warlord Traits. If you’ve pledged yourself to the Imperium and like getting up close and personal, then increase the range of your Heroic Intervention.

Pledge yourself to House Herpetrax and gain the Dauntless Household Bond.

Just imagine another two Wounds on your Knight Tyrant!

When you join House Lucaris, you can select the following Warlord Trait.

Equip your Knights Despoiler, Desecrator and Rampager with reaper chainswords and thunderstrike gauntlets and watch them tear their way through the enemy before they even get the chance to strike back. 

Members of House Khymere can employ the Fury of Surtr’s Wake to dish out mortal wounds on your enemy.

March one of your Knights into the heart of enemy lines and cause incredible carnage.

If you love to get up close and personal, put your “x” in the House Vextrix box and take advantage of the Heretek Power Core.

This Artefact is perfect for rushing forward and destroying any enemy unit that gets in your way.

Finally, House Khomentis can send out their War Dogs to encircle their enemies.

Take a full unit of three War Dogs and put them right in your enemy’s face as soon as possible.

Dread Household Bonds

Of course, you may decide that you want to create your own dread household, and Engine War has rules to let you do this. Choose two abilities from the list that really represent how your Knights make war. Do you like to hunt enemy vehicles and monsters up close?

Or do you prefer to slay the enemy from afar?

Forge Your Own Path

Engine War introduces the option for you to create your own forge world for your Adeptus Mechanicus force to hail from. You then get to select a primary and secondary ability to make a new dogma for your world. For example, if you choose to be from a rad-saturated forge world, you get the Radiant Disciples primary ability.

If that doesn’t give enough protection to your cohorts, you could double down with the Omnissiah’s Shield secondary ability to give your infantry the Machine God’s blessing in close combat.


If you’d prefer to stick with one of the forge worlds from Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus rather than create your own, you’ll be rewarded with a new Canticle. Servants of Mars can improve their heavy weaponry.

Whereas, if you’re from Stygies, you can add some incredible tactical flexibility into your army.

Use this when your enemy thinks they have one of your units locked down. Nonchalantly stroll out of combat before cutting them down with withering firepower.

Holy Order Warlord Traits

Whichever forge world your forces are from, you can now join in the political machinations of the Adeptus Mechanicus. If your Warlord joins one of the four Holy Orders, they will be able to select the associated Warlord Trait. Each Holy Order gives you a choice of three abilities to select at the start of one of your turns. Throw in your lot in with the Magi to get these abilities.

Whichever Holy Order you choose to join, you’ll gain some incredible new tactical options.


The Adeptus Mechanicus are also going to get a new range of Stratagems to help them achieve victory in the name of the Machine God. Ever wanted to shut down your enemy’s aura effects? Then deploy some Electro-filament Countermeasures.

Use that to put those Primaris Lieutenants in their place! You can also employ your new Pteraxii Skystalkers to keep your enemies’ heads down.

Use this when you need to severely reduce the efficiency of an enemy gunline.

Serberys Cavalry

The Adeptus Mechanicus are also getting some new units to add to their forces along with all of these new rules. Both of the cavalry units can take advantage of their speed to get them into the most advantageous of positions. The Sulphurhounds excel as pistoleers…

…whereas the Raiders are ideal for sniping at enemy Characters.

With either unit, ride out to the best spot and shoot down your target with ease.


The Archaeopter comes in three flavours – Transvector (a transport aircraft), Fusilave (a bomber) and Stratoraptor (a gunship). Regardless of their individual role, there are features that they all share. They each have a command uplink, making it easy to increase the Leadership of nearby troops.

As we’ve seen above, this can be paired with Electro-filament Countermeasures to ruin your opponent’s plans. Each Archaeopter also has a chaff launcher.

But first, just what ARE the Pteraxii?

The Adeptus Mechanicus leaves nothing to chance. A perfectly executed war will include units fighting in every conceivable environment against a bewildering array of enemies, and every tool has its place. The Pteraxii class of warriors take to the skies, pushing reaction speed and agility to the limit. Much like Sicarians, their flesh-weak limbs are replaced with extreme new forms to aid their battlefield role.

What makes the Pteraxii so specialised are the scapuli superior implants mounted to their backs. These limb-stumps allow them to interface with advanced flight packs,* and certain elements of their cogitation are removed to make room for enhanced reflexes and the ability to control their complex wings as though they’re natural limbs.

The wings and jets are a marvel of engineering. The nano-carbon fibre-weave surface of the wing membranes can change properties at the will of the user, from rigid as plasteel and rough-textured, to smooth and pliant, and everything in between. This offers them maximum manoeuvrability and performance, no matter the atmospheric properties of the battlefield – similar to the Archaeopter aircraft. And honestly, they look really cool.

Deadly by Design

Each new unit pushes the boundaries of how the Adeptus Mechanicus look on the table, and the Pteraxii are no exception. The divergent silhouette is like nothing else in the army. They share some design cues with both Sicarians and Archaeopters, but they’re not exactly like either one.

The Pteraxii kit builds two new units – the Sterylizors and Skystalkers – to expand the tactical options of the armed forces of the Omnissiah.

They share the same stat line, as well as the ability to redeploy quickly using their flight packs.

While both types of Pteraxii are heavily modified to suit their roles, the Sterylizors in particular are tuned for aggression.

Pteraxii Sterylizors roam the cavernous interiors of forge temples, scouring them for rogue technosites and cyblight infestations with their phosphor torches. In war, they turn that intense heat on the enemies of the machine god, cleansing them with the same burning zeal.

After softening up the target, the Sterylizors swoop down to finish them off with cruelly bladed lower limbs.

On a turn in which they charge, each Sterylizor will be rolling three attacks at Strength 5 – not bad for mopping up what their phosphor torches leave behind.

The Skystalkers have a very different battlefield role, as coldly efficient aerial hunters and superb harassment units. 

Using their mobility to locate and neutralise feral psyber familiars and servo-cherubim on their forge worlds, on the battlefield these skills are put to use shredding their marks with a hail of razor-sharp flechettes.

Anyone who’s used Sicarian Infiltrators knows how deadly that weight of fire can be against the right target, forcing enough saves for sheer numbers to seal the deal or mowing down hordes of weak troops. Whereas the Infiltrators get up close and personal, the Skystalkers use their wings to rapidly redeploy after hitting their target.

As the Skystalkers move from one position to another, they cogitate trajectories that will carry them over enemy units in order to drop payloads of arc grenades, releasing potent energies to overload the machines of their adversaries.

Sulphur Breath

Is it a horse? Is it a dog? Does it matter when it breathes fire?! We’re not entirely sure what Serberys Sulphurhounds are fed on in order to breath fire, but we recommend keeping that food away from anyone in your cohort that is more than 50% biological.

The Sulphurhounds have a special rule that allows you to shoot Pistol weapons even after you’ve Advanced, increasing the threat range of your baleful breath.* This weapon can be used on top of all of the rider’s weapons, and as a Pistol weapon, you can even shoot it in close combat, making it perfect for burning your way through enemy hordes. 


Fed up with having to choose between weapons that have the retro chic of an heirloom or ones that are incredibly deadly? Well, now you can have both. Not only is it great for slaying the enemies of the Omnissiah, but it’s also handy in case you get caught in any duels to the death.

This weapon is carried by the Alpha in a Serberys Raiders unit, meaning that you’ll have the speed to get into the perfect position to shoot down your enemies.

Flechette Carbine

Sometimes the best way to eliminate a target is through sheer volume of firepower, this is where the flechette carbine comes in. Orks would turn even greener with envy at this much dakka.

The speed of the Pteraxii Skystalkers and the fact that it’s an Assault weapon mean that almost nowhere on the battlefield is safe from the carbine’s hail of fire. 

Phosphor Torch

When you absolutely need to burn out enemies that are hunkered down deep in cover, there’s the phosphor torch. The flames burn through rocks, vegetation, buildings and enemy warriors with equal abandon.

The phosphor torch is a weapon used exclusively by the Pteraxii Sterylizors and is perfect for sterylizing anything that stands in your way. Having a range of 12” is also going to put off any enemy units that are thinking about charging you AND means that you can deliver horrific phosphor death as soon you arrive from reserves.

Pteraxii Talons

Sometimes you just want to claw your target’s eyes out. These lethal talons are so sharp that they can tear through even the toughest of armour, meaning that your enemies always get off on the wrong foot.

So, if anything survives the fusillade of your other weapons, you can crush your enemies in your metal talons.

The Archaeopter has been at the forefront of Adeptus Mechanicus expansion for millennia. Eventually, the design of the Archaeopter was deemed holy enough to accommodate sub-roles – the Transvector, Stratoraptor and Fusilave. Each is equipped with nano-carbon fibre-weave in the wings, making them as fast as they are agile. Let’s take a closer look at these magnificent flying machines.

Transvector – The Transport

This is the choice when the Adeptus Mechanicus need to get their operatives into action quickly. It can also lay down a decent amount of covering fire with its cognis heavy stubbers while it swoops in to drop off squads in the heart of the action. As with the other variants, it’s piloted by a member of the Pteraxii caste who has been hardwired into the craft, giving it incredible manoeuvrability.

Stratoraptor – The Gunship

The Stratoraptor is armed with a twin cognis lascannon, which can obliterate the toughest of targets. It also has a pair of heavy phosphor blasters, deadly weapons that burn through enemy units and cover indiscriminately. There’s no doubt about it, the Adeptus Mechanicus love the way that their olfactory sensors process the scent of phosphor in the morning.

Fusilave – The Bomber

WIth the passenger seats taken out, the Fusilave fits in a bomb rack. Armed with payloads of tectomagnic bombs, which cause seismic shock waves when they land. The Fusilave rains down death upon the enemies of the Omnissiah. Fusilaves were famously employed during the assault on the Qysberg on Ordex-Thaag, where they provided key air support, undermining walls and disrupting defences.

The Adeptus Mechanicus are about to get two awesome new units – the Serberys Sulphurhounds and the Serberys Raiders. These two cavalry units add speed and incredible tactical versatility to the armies of the Machine God. It would only be logical to learn more about them.

The quadrupeds of the Serbrys corps are cybernetic organisms armed with vicious claws, allowing them to casually manoeuvre over any ground and eviscerate enemy warriors with ease. Ridden into battle by only the finest Skitarii troops, there are two distinct Serbrys units.

Serberys Sulphurhounds

Made up from the most aggressive members of the Skitarii clades, the Serberys Sulphurhounds are the shock cavalry of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Weakening their enemies at range with lethal phosphor weaponry, they burn holes in enemy lines with their mounts’ sulphur breath. Thanks to the interfaces with their mounts, they are even able to dual wield their pistols, blasting apart their foes. They will then circle around to mercilessly finish off any survivors, leaving nothing but the smell of burnt flesh in their wake.

Serberys Raiders

Long-range scouts and outriders, the Serberys Raiders are often employed to outflank and harass enemy forces or to destroy high-ranking assets. Rather than using the long-range sniper weapons of other races, they prefer medium-range guns, relying on the speed of their mounts to get them into (and out of) position quickly. Their riders are equipped with advanced ocular arrays while their mounts have finely calibrated olfactory sensors. This makes the Serberys Raiders excellent trackers and hunters – no fugitive can hope to escape them.

Both of these units will be available alongside Psychic Awakening: Engine War, which features a host of new units and abilities for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Aerial Attack

If your enemies are resistant to the teachings of the Machine God, then it’s only logical to come at things from a different angle – such as from above. The Pteraxii are cyborg warriors equipped with flight packs. They come in two different units, the Sterylizors, who are honed for aggression…

…and the Skystalkers, who seek out the best vantage points from which to pick off targets with their flechette carbines.

The Adeptus Mechanicus are also getting a new flyer, the Archaeopter. The new kit builds three different unit options – that’s 11 if you count in binary! The Transvector is an aerial transport craft, capable of delivering your infantry in speed, style and safety.

If you prefer bombers, choose the Fusilave and drop payloads of ground-penetrating, tectomagnic bombs that cause seismic shock waves.

Finally, the Stratoraptor is the ground-attack variant, soaring in to strafe targets with its heavy phosphor blasters.

The kit is incredibly customisable, with optional wargear and the ability to be built in flying or landed mode, with the landing skids and legs modelled in different positions.

Ride to Victory

The Adeptus Mechanicus are also getting some new options on four legs too. Only the finest Skitarii are promoted into the corps of Serberys cavalry. Once there, some of them join the Raiders, long-range scouts who excel in outflanking enemy units.

Others join the Sulphurhounds, shock line-breakers who smash through defensive positions, leaving no survivors.

Who doesn’t love mechanical fire-breathing dog/horse creatures? All of these new units are going to provide some incredible new tactical options for your Adeptus Mechanicus army.

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