A GT Without any Winning Space Marine Armies!

by | Sep 6, 2020

So we went a few weeks with no real (got some close ones) ITC GT (28 or more players) level events. One bold event tired to take some sadness away from what would have been the Nova Open weekend, with a 37 player GT instead.

Unlike most events so far in 9th edition Warhammer 40k we didn’t see any Space Marines make the Top 3, in fact Space Marines barely made the top 5 with an Iron Hands list sneaking in!

Anyway, the YHP Labor Day GT had the following Top 3 army lists…

YHP Labor Day GT: Top 3

Stephen Henry IV 1st Place YHP Labor Day GT 2020 – Adeptus Custodes

5-0 Scores: 70/93/91/84/77

Shane Watts 2nd Place YHP Labor Day GT 2020 – Orks

4-1 Scores: 76/95/94/73/92

Charles Craig 3rd Place YHP Labor Day GT 2020 – Death Guard – Chaos Space Marines

4-1 Scores: 58/100/100/95/77

It is not surprising to see Adeptus Custodes take the top spot, but seeing Orks is really nice with a pretty standard board control in your face Ork list lead by Ghaz. The real head scratcher, and is it even legal list is Charles Craig’s wackadoodle Death Guard or is it Chaos Space Marine list!?!? This event saw 5 Chaos / Death Guard total lists, so something might be in the water with new meta tech, either way pretty cool results across the board.

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