New Year Covidtastic GT Results!

by | Jan 10, 2021

The 2nd weekend of January 2021 saw 30 Warhammer 40k players throw caution to the wind to get those delicious ITC points, even if Grandma has to pay the price. The New Years Covid Brawl was held in hot spot Georgia USA, unfortunately this event didn’t use new the FAQs since it was released way too close to the event start.

Anyway, here are the winning army lists…

New Years Brawl GT Placings: Top 3

Colin McDade 1st Place New Years Brawl GT 2020 – Harlequins

5-0 Scores: 75/91/81/97/73

Kavin Hogue 2nd Place New Years Brawl GT 2020 – Necrons

4-1 Scores: 99/93/80/100/70

Seth Piper 3rd Place New Years Brawl GT 2020 – Necrons

4-1 Scores: 99/97/53/100/82

Taking the top spot is Harlequins with a typical winning build. It was great to see Necrons take the next two spots, even though both were lead by the Silent King, but at least the rest of units were completely different from each other. More importantly if US players don’t give any fucks, even in states with 92% ICU capacity used, I suppose we will see more reckless events to come. It is almost fitting Death Guard are the next codex out to fit the current state of affairs…

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