Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex Leak Compilation

Jan 25, 2021

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Dark Angels 9th edition codex / supplement, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Dark Angels 9th edition codex / supplement. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Dark Angels 9th edition codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: January 30th 2021 Release Date: February 6th 2021 

  • Dark Angels 9th edition supplement: $30
  • Dice: $35

New Points:

  • Eradicators: 45
  • Outriders: 50
  • Inceptors: 45
  • Servitors: 30
  • Deathwing Strikemaster: 95
  • Asmodai: 115
  • Azrael: 160
  • Belial: 125
  • Ezekiel: 115
  • Sammael: 150
  • Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armour: 100
  • Ravenwing Talonmaster: 160
  • Deathwing Apothecary: 100
  • Deathwing Champion: 80
  • Deathwing Command Squad: 35
  • Deathwing Knights: 47
  • Deathwing Terminators: 33
  • Ravenwing Ancient: 100
  • Ravenwing Apothecary: 100
  • Ravenwing Champion: 70
  • Ravenwing Darkshroud: 130
  • Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance: 120
  • Nephilim Jetfighter: 190
  • Ravenwing Dark Talon: 210 

Upgrades (Rites of Initiation): give units the Deathwing Keyword. 

  • Captain +20 points
  • Primaris Lieutenant +15 points
  • Dreadnought + 15 points
  • Land Raider +10 points
  • Repulsor + 10 points
  • Stormraven Gunship +10 points

Warlord Traits:

  • Fury of the Lion (Asmodai) – 6” Aura of +1 Strength for units if the Warlord charges, was charged, or Heroically Intervenes.
  • Calibanite Knight – Warlord will wound on a 2+ against Bikers and Infantry. 
  • Stubborn Tenacity (Ezekiel) – This one is weird – if your warlord dies, it does not get removed until the start of the next turn or the end of the game (whichever comes first). 
  • Decisive Tactician – Dark Angels Core units within 6” get +1 to advance and charge rolls. 
  • Honor of the First Legion – Gives a 6” heroic intervention. 
  • Ravenwing Warlord Traits:
    • Lightning-Fast Reactions – gives a -1 to hit the warlord. 
    • Master of Maneuver (Sammael) – Warlord can fall back and still shoot and assault. 
  • Deathwing Warlord Traits:
    • Watched – once per game, auto deny a psyker power with the Warlord.
    • Inexorable (Belial) – Warlord takes -1 damage. 

Psychic Powers:


  • Mace of Redemption – Melee Weapon with Sx2, AP-3, D2; if you attack a Fallen or Heretic Astartes unit you do 2 Mortal Wounds on an unmodified to wound roll of a 4+. This replaces a Power Maul or Crozius Arcanium. 
  • Pennant of Remembrance – Deathwing Ancient Model only – if your command phase, pick one Deathwing Infantry unit within 6” of the bearer and they receive -1 to damage received until the start of your next command phase. 
  • Shroud of Heroes – bearer gets a -1 to hit.
  • Reliquary of the Repentant – Ravenwing Biker Model only. Bearer gives enemy units within 3” that have an invulnerable save of 4+ or better a 5+ instead. 
  • Foe-Smiter 24” Assault 4 S5 AP-1 D2. Replaces a storm bolter. This weapon is okay, a decent number of shots and a good strength and damage.
  • Eye of the Unseen – Bearer gets a 6” Aura of -1 Leadership, and characters in engagement range are not eligible to fight until all eligible units from your army can do so. 
  • Cup of Retribution – Chaplain only. Once per battle, the bearer can recite a special litany that is automatically successful and gives 6” bubble of +1 Attack to Core units. 
  • Special-Issue Wargear:
    • Heavenfall Blade – S+2 AP-4 D2; also gives the wielder +1 attack. Replaces a power sword, Master-Crafted Power Sword, Relic Blade, or executioner Relic Blade. 
    • Arbiter’s Gaze – User hits on a 2+ for shooting and overwatch and ignores the benefits of cover. 
    • Atonement – Pistol 1, 18”, S9 -4 D3. The typical relic pistol
    • Bolts of Judgement – turns any bolt weapon into AP-2 D3, and wounds the target on a 2+ unless it is a monster or vehicle.

Mission Secondaries:

  • Purge of the Enemy: Martial Interdiction  Your Opponent must select a character, or if they have no character, their Warlord if selected. Get 6vp if the model was killed by a Dark Angels model in melee. Score 3 more victory points if the model was killed by a Dark Angel model with the Deathwing or Inner Circle keyword. Score 6 more victory points if said Dark Angels model was not also destroyed.
  • No Mercy, No Respite: Death on the Wind  Score 2 vp for every enemy unit destroyed by a Ravenwing unit that either moved 12” or more; or made a charge move that turn.
  • Battlefield Supremacy: Stubborn Defiance -A/B- In your first Command Phase, pick one objective that is held by a unit with the Objective Secured rule. For each consecutive turn that unit holds this objective, score points at the start of your command phase as follows: 2-2; 3-3, 4-5. 5-5. 

Army Wide Rules:

  • Units with the Ravenwing Keyword get the Jink Ability. Jink if a 5+ Invulnerable save for units that have moved, or a 4+ Invul for units that have advanced. This is critical in that now all the units that were in Codex: Space Marines get a free 5++ save for free – this is all the Land Speeders, Storm Speeders, Outriders, Invaders, Bikers, Attack Bikes, and characters on bikes.
  • Ravenwing Outrider detachments consisting purely of units with the Ravenwing Keyword give Objective Secured to Bike Squads and Outriders. This also refunds the cost of the detachment if your Warlord is a part of it.
  • Units with the Deathwing Keyword that did not have Inner Circle ability (unmodified to would rolls of 1-3 automatically fail for Infantry Units, also Auto-pass morale and have difficulty falling back) gain this ability.
  • Deathwing Vanguard detachments consisting purely of units with the Deathwing Keyword give ObSec to Terminator Squads, Deathwing Terminator Squads, Terminator Assault Squads, and Relic Terminator Squads.
  • Sons of the Lion – this is the Dark Angels Super Doctrine. During Devastator Doctrine, Ravenwing Units get a bonus 3” of movement and can advance and shoot any weapon at -1. During Tactical Doctrine, non-Deathwing Infantry units can shoot into engagement range hitting on a 5+ (becomes a 4+ due to their Chapter Tactic), and during Assault Doctrine, Deathwing Infantry and Terminators reroll to wound rolls in melee against units with 8 or more wounds per model and characters.


  • Wrath of the Lion (2cp) – this gives the ability to add one to the AP of any weapons benefitting from an active Combat Doctrine. Every Marine Supplement has this for a particular doctrine, but Dark Angels just get to pick one and use it. 
  • Intractable (2cp) – lets a Dark Angel unit fall back and shoot. 
  • Deathwing Assault (1cp) – gives Deathwing units a +1 to wound for shooting attacks when they arrive via Teleport Strike, or use a teleport homer. 
  • Full Throttle (1/2cp) – allows a Ravenwing unit to move another 12” after it advances. They are not allowed to also shoot or assault. 2cp for a unit of more than 5 models. 
  • Line Unbreakable (1cp) – Makes a Dark Angels unit only able to be attacked by models in an engaging unit that are within engagement range; e.g., not within an ½” of ½”. 
  • High Speed Focus (1cp) – Gives a Ravenwing Unit a 4++ if they are shot at. 
  • No Foe too Great to Subdue (2cp) – Gives a unit of Deathwing Knights (only the Maces of Absolution) +1 to wound and -1AP against Monsters and Vehicles. 
  • Marked for Command (1cp) – lets you give a Relic to a Sergeant, Knight Master, or Ravenwing Huntsmaster model. This can be a Master-Crafted Weapon, Digital Weapon, Atonement, or Bolts of Judgement.  
  • Paragon of the Chapter (1cp) – Lets you have two warlord traits on you warlord. 
  • Honored by the Rock (1cp) – give a successor chapter a Dark Angels Only relic. 
  • Tactical Appraisal (1cp) – Pick a Dark Angels unit within 6” of your Warlord and select a different Doctrine to affect them. 
  • The Hunt (2/3cp) – allows for a normal move from a Ravenwing unit before the game starts – if two people have abilities that allow them to do this, the player taking turn 1 moves first. Costs 3cp if it is a unit with more than 5 models. 
  • Targeting Guidance (2cp) – Pick an enemy unit within 18” of a Dark Angels Land Speeders or Strom Speeders unit; other DA units get +1 to hit against that enemy unit.
  • Swift Strike (2/3cp) – After a Ravenwing Unit fights, they can immediately make a Fall Back move if they are engaged or make a normal move. This costs 3cp if the unit has more than 5 models. 
  • Secret Agenda (1cp) – Pick a secondary and secretly note it down when picking before the game. You do not have to reveal this secondary until you score points on it.
  • Stasis Shell (2cp) – Use when a Ravenwing model from your army shoots with a Grenade Launcher; make one attack with this weapon. If it hits, the enemy unit cannot fall back. Does not work on Monsters or Vehicles. 
  • Weapons from the Dark Age (2cp) – +1 damage for a unit with Plasma Weapons. 

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

Much like the bike squads of their Ravenwing brothers that we covered yesterday, many different kinds of Terminator Squads in a 1st Company Detachment will be able to contest objectives just as well as your regular, squishier troops.

Unlike their 2nd Company comrades, however, the Deathwing also includes many Space Marines and Vehicles outside of the 1st Company. While before you were able to induct certain members of your army into the Inner Circle by paying command points, now it merely costs a handful of points to unlock all of those wonderful Deathwing benefits.*

The massed use of Terminators is a hallmark of the Deathwing’s attack strategies. They plunge heavily armed and armoured veterans deep into the heart of the enemy’s command structure, often wiping out their leaders before the rank and file even know they’re under attack. This sudden, furious barrage is represented by the infamous Deathwing Assault Stratagem.

With a bonus to wound when arriving from Teleport Strike, their initial blistering assault is even more likely to bring down the toughest targets before they know what’s hit them. Vehicles, Monsters, and more will fall in front of you easier than ever.

Speaking of Stratagems, we’ve got one more to show you.

None embody the veiled nobility of the First Legion more than the Deathwing Knights, elite among the elite who strive to emulate the valiant knights of old Caliban. Carrying ancient relic maces and storm shields, they teleport into the thickest fighting to smash aside the strongest foes their Chapter might face, unflinching in their desire to display the martial excellence their Primarch was famed for.

The 2nd Company of the Dark Angels, known as the Ravenwing, are masters of the art of rapid assault, tearing across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium astride their jet-black vehicles. Like a flash of lightning before a thunderstorm, they form the vanguard of the First Legion’s many battle plans, carrying out vital reconnaissance and securing key objectives before the enemy has time to react.

They wouldn’t be much good at their job without the ability to contest those objectives they so quickly approach, however. Thankfully, your bikers can now take advantage of the new 2nd Company rule.

DATheRavenwing Jan27 Image2wear

Not only does this allow for a thematic detachment of bike specialists to accompany your main Dark Angels force, but it also paves the way for the return of classic Ravenwing armies featuring nothing but bikes, speeders, and aircraft.*

While all initiates into the Ravenwing display preternatural skills with their bikes, the most valiant and dedicated survive to be inducted into the Inner Circle and join the ranks of the Black Knights. Only then are they entrusted with the truth of the 2nd Company’s secret mission: tracking and hunting the cursed Fallen.

We mentioned in our previous look at some of the Dark Angel’s new rules that Fire Discipline was only one part of the Sons of the Lion ability. That’s because the bikers and pilots of the Ravenwing aren’t about to be left out just because they refuse to walk. In a first for a Space Marine Chapter, their special bonus to the Combat Doctrines ability is split into three parts that take effect in different turns.

DATheRavenwing Jan27 Image4ofyr

With Devastator Doctrine active in the first turn, your dark huntsmen will be rocketing across the battlefield to put that new-found Objective Secured to good use. Best of all, they won’t be prevented from shooting when they Advance, so get those nice shiny Onslaught Gatling Cannons on your Invader ATVs ready.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a new codex supplement without some fresh, shiny Stratagems for you to employ. If you made the incredible guess that the Ravenwing will have a way to move even faster, congratulations. The Librarius would like a word… 

DATheRavenwing Jan27 Image6wgaf

DATheRavenwing Jan27 Image5rfem

Fans of the classic Jink rule will be happy to know that it’s still alive and well among the 2nd Company’s forces, but if you can’t afford to Advance for that delicious 4+ invulnerable save it’s good to know High-Speed Focus has your back in a pinch. Trust the master movers of the Ravenwing to dodge enemy fire even when they’re standing still.


To aid their Interrogator-Chaplains in ripping secrets from the brains of their enemies, Librarians of the Dark Angels tap into their own mind-warping variety of psychic power to assault, distract, and befuddle. This means you’ll have a newly improved arsenal of psychic abilities to choose from when selecting your forces, so we’re going to give you a sneaky preview of a couple of our absolute favourites.

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image2iad

For many, powerful aura abilities are a cornerstone of their army and allow even the most mundane of troops to perform above and beyond their limits. Being able to shut down those abilities at will is a powerful tool for any Librarian looking to give their own forces a leg up over their opponent, and it’s especially deadly in the hands of Master Interromancer Ezekiel who casts it easier than anyone else.

While many Psykers are content to use their mind-altering powers to merely shake the morale of their opponents, the master mental manipulators of the Dark Angels are able to shape their enemies’ fears into far more debilitating forms.

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image3ket

Taking objectives and performing actions is important for many mission types. For those times when the enemy cannot be allowed to score crucial victory points, a Librarian can wipe a unit of their Objective Secured rule or even prevent them from taking actions entirely. Perfect for elbowing into an important objective at a critical time.

Relics of the Rock

Ancient relics of the Chapter are stored within the deep vaults of the Rock, available to the First Legion’s greatest champions in times of war. Those who are particularly fond of bludgeoning their enemies with heavy, blunt objects will be glad to know a Relic has been requisitioned just for them. The Mace of Redemption is particularly good for piling on the mortal wounds, especially if you have a Librarian on hand to help you re-roll wound rolls.

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image5oof

Even Ravenwing Talonmasters in their specialised Land Speeders might want to give something a cheeky poke once in a while, so it’s a good job the Heavenfall blade can be taken by them, even though this unit is classed as a vehicle. With plenty of Wounds on hand to soak up damage, equipping the Talonmaster with an upgraded power sword makes it a fearsome close combat Character indeed.

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image6zzy

Stratagems of the First

The new codex supplement has 17 stratagems for the Dark Angels and their successors to use, making it a difficult proposition to choose just one or two to show you. Alas, as Master Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai himself said, “There is no salvation without suffering”, so we present to you a carefully selected couple to tantalise your tactical minds.

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image8hns

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image7shp

Befitting their fame as stalwart (some would say stubborn) defenders and cool-headed combatants at close range, the Dark Angels have a duo of Stratagems ideally suited to confronting large mobs of enemy troops. 

Line Unbreakable allows them to blunt the force of a massed assault, permitting only the front line of fighters to take a swing. For enemies that rely on numbers and sheer volume of attacks to wear down the Emperor’s finest, it’s sure to cause quite a pause.

Once the attack has been stymied, the old favourite Intractable returns to create much-needed space between the baying hordes of enemy monstrosities and the First Legion’s boltgun barrels. 

But what if there’s nowhere to retreat to or your Marines are hotly contesting a vital objective and can’t afford to move? In the maelstrom of close-quarters combat, none are as adept at leveraging their firepower as the Dark Angels.

DARulesFocus Jan25 Image10jaf

As one part of the new doctrine ability Sons of the Lion, Fire Discipline allows your units armed with Rapid Fire and Assault weapons to shoot even if they’re engaged in close combat, almost as if those weapons were pistols. With a veritable storm of fire ready to greet those that choose to engage them in a melee brawl, your foes will be forgiven for wanting to keep the Dark Angels at arm’s length.

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