All You can Eat Soup & Covid at 1st US Major of 2021

by | Mar 15, 2021

Funny how timing works, but less than a week after Texas lifted it’s Covid mask mandate we get the largest 40k American tournament in months held in you guessed it, Texas! Thankfully, the organizers kept the event socially distant and masked, still it doesn’t excuse or deny the potential of Covid making its way into the blood of the not always fittest group of humans playing tabletop games.

The event in question was the Clutch City GT 2021 and here are the surprising results

Clutch City GT 2021: Top 3

Sean Nayden 1st Place Clutch City GT 2021 – Craftworlds – Ynnari

6-0 Scores: 71 / 90 / 95 / 100 / 100 / 95

Clifton Russell 2nd Place Clutch City GT 2021 – Orks

5-1 Scores: 92 / 76 / 86 / 94 / 95 / 95

Jon Camacho 3rd Place Clutch City GT 2021 – Astra Militarum – Adeptus Custodes

5-1 Scores:  92 / 81 / 92 / 81 / 76 / 92

Clutch City GT besides being the largest event in America in some time, also happened to have a few top players we hadn’t seen in awhile, causing a great level of list diversity that proved critical in who won. The biggest “surprise” was Sean Nayden Eldar Soup list winning. We saw Orks do well again with another great player Clifton, getting 2nd place, building on last weeks top Ork showing. The rest of the top 10 though did have a few armies people expected and dreading, like Death Guard and Dark Angels. Overall, Sean winning isn’t that surprising, but Eldar soup is, and goes to show once again that even in 9th the best generals can win with the so called “low tier” armies. 

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