Best of 40k Internet: The Ignominious End of an Era

by | Jul 29, 2021

A few people saw this coming so it isn’t much of surprise, but it looks like Games Workshop won’t even have to lift a finger to inflict serious damage on the YouTube Warhammer 40k community. All they have to do is change a few lines of legal mumbo-jumbo and poof you kill one of the most beloved channels for Warhammer 40k content ever created. Bruva Alfabusa known for their comical interpretations of Warhammer 40k lore and “cheap” looking animation is calling it quits because of the changes Games Workshop have made dealing with animators, ahead of Warhammer+. 

Below is the farewell video for Bruva Alfabusa and even if you never heard of them you should take a listen. This is a textbook way a large corporation doesn’t really have to do anything to destroy the “little guy. All you need is the threat and there you go…

Hoping you have listen to at least the first five minutes, the biggest take away is that the folks at Brusa Alfabusa don’t want to take any risks.

The truth is if they were USA based and Games Workshop did go after them, they could easily find Pro-Bono legal help, as this would be a pretty slam dunk case even if it took years to litigate. As everything they do falls pretty clearly under Fair Use. As with the case of Games Workshop pervious folly against Chapterhouse, this is also the type of case that could bring other corporate lawyer teams to join, if Games Workshop got stubborn and any new possible legal precedent was suddenly on the table. 

As it is Bruva Alfabusa doesn’t want to take any risks, and depending on their location, especially if they are in the UK is totally the right call, it is just unfortunate they gave up before even being called to actually fight.