Tyranids 9th Edition Codex Leak Compilation

Mar 14, 2022

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Tyranids 9th edition codex, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Tyranids 9th edition codex. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Tyranids 9th edition codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: March 26th 2022 Release Date: April 2nd 2022

  • Parasite of Mortrex: $90
  • Tyranids Codex: $55
  • Tyranids Combat Patrol: $140

Universal Rules

  • Synaptic Links One Per Game within 6” of any Synapse Unit

  • Zoanthropes 4+ Invul for Synapse 5+ for everything else




Warlord Traits

  • f a <HIVE FLEET> CHARACTER model is your WARLORD, you can use the Hive Fleet Warlord Traits table below to determine what Warlord Trait they have. You can either roll one D6 to randomly generate one, or you can select one.

    When you have determined a Warlord Trait for a HIVE TENDRIL CHARACTER model, replace all instances of the <HIVE FLEET> keyword in their Warlord Trait, if any, with the name of the hive fleet that your model is from.



    This warlord possesses highly sophisticated neural pathways, allowing it to identify priority strategic assets and seize them before the foe even recognise their value.


    • This WARLORD has the Objective Secured ability.
    • This WARLORD counts as 5 models when determining control of an objective marker.
    • This WARLORD can start to perform an action, even if it Advanced or Fell Back this turn.




    Whether through rows of bristling antennae or clusters of glistening compound eyes, this warlord can sense the location of its prey with unerring accuracy.


    • At the start of the Fight phase, if this WARLORD is within Engagement Range of any enemy units, it can fight first that phase.
    • Each time this WARLORD makes an attack, you can re-roll the hit roll.




    With a cerebral cortex that pulsates with the irresistible power of the Hive Mind, this warlord acts as a blazing synaptic beacon to the lesser creatures of the swarm.


    • Add 3″ to the range of this WARLORD’s aura abilities and Synaptic Imperative abilities.
    • Each time this WARLORD uses an ability in your Command phase that specifies a range, until the end of the phase, add 3″ to the range of that ability.




    Projecting a portion of its consciousness directly into the crude ganglia of its lesser warrior organisms allows this warlord to guide their strikes.

    In your Command phase, select one friendly <HIVE FLEET> CORE unit within Synaptic Link range of this WARLORD. Until the start of your next Command phase, each time a model in that unit makes an attack, add 1 to that attack’s hit roll.



    This organism is a thrumming node of synaptic energies, a blazing beacon of the Hive Mind’s influence, able to reach out and augment the abilities of its swarm at will.

    In your Command phase, if this WARLORD has one of the following abilities, it can use that ability one additional time that phase: Alpha WarriorBio-impulsesBrood ProgenitorVicious InsightWarp SiphonWill of the Hive Mind.



    The same weapon rarely works against this warlord twice, as its alien physiology adapts at an astonishing rate to counter the attacks of the foe.

    Each time this WARLORD would lose a wound, roll one D6: on a 5+, that wound is not lost.



    If one of the following characters gains a Warlord Trait, they must have the one shown below.

    DeathleaperAlien Cunning 
    Old One EyeAdaptive Biology 
    The SwarmlordSynaptic Linchpin 

Hive Fleet Tactics:

Updated Unit Rules

  • Raveners: S5 T5 5a 4+ save. -1 hit in melee, Unique weapon called “Ravenor talons” S:U Ap-2 1d and scything talons. Can replace the scything talons for rending claws for 5 S6 ap-4 1d attacks. Can take ranged weapons but if you dont you get reroll hit rolls of 1 in melee. WS3+ 12″ movement still.
  • Tervigon:+1 to hit for Gaunts within 6” Lookout Sir if 15+ Gaunts are within 1”

  • Points 

Leaked Images



Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

The Hive Mind has been hard at work sprucing up its smaller beasties with stronger guns and faster, tougher bodies, and now it’s moving onto the big lads. We’ve already seen how smash-inclined monsters are getting bulked up, and the sit-back-and-blast variety will be feeling the same love.

The Tyrannofex’s rupture cannon has long been one of the largest living weapons deployed to the battlefield, and its latest incarnation is a certified Titan-killer. This ingenious weapon fires two massive projectiles in quick succession, the first coating the target in acidic goo before the second penetrates their armour and dissolves to cause an almighty explosion from within.*

TYRBigMonster Mar30 RuptureCannon

Much like the T’au Empire’s mighty Stormsurge, this main gun can punch through an Imperial Knight in one go (with a bit of help from Lady Luck), while anything smaller is inevitably reduced to a twisted ruin. It has a respectable rate of fire, so even squadrons of lighter vehicles are at risk of annihilation – something we have a sneaky feeling the Tyranids learned from fighting Speed Mobs in the Octarian War.

Big guns aren’t just for killing big targets, though, and when quantity rules over quality, the fleshborer hive is king. With improvements to range, armour penetration, and rate of fire, it’s become a daunting prospect for even the largest mobs of infantry.

TYRBigMonster Mar30 FleshborerHive

The Hive Mind shows a remarkably fourth-wall-breaking ability to adapt to changes in Warhammer 40,000’s ninth edition, taking advantage of Monsters’ ability to fire Heavy weapons on the move to up-gun several of its larger Assault weapons. The heavy venom cannon now truly lives up to its moniker, more reliably sending a hail of acidic crystals punching through troops and tanks alike.

TYRBigMonster Mar30 VenomCannon

Peer into the Shadow in the Warp for more secrets from the upcoming Codex: Tyranids this week, including a rare study of the new Parasite of Mortrex. Details can be hazy coming from the front, so sign up to the Warhammer Community newsletter and have everything dropped right in your lap the moment it’s here.

The Parasite gets its name from its disturbing propensity to implant eggs into its unfortunate victims (although a xenological report in Codex: Tyranids is quick to observe this makes the Rippers the true parasites). It’s been observed in a growing number of war zones across the galaxy, but it was on the planet of Mortrex that this bat-winged nightmare was first sighted.

Mortrex was one of the best-defended fortress worlds in Ultima Segmentum, studded with fortifications and defence batteries that made assaulting it a fool’s errand. When Hive Fleet Kraken attacked in full force, these impressive bulwarks held off their unrelenting assaults for a full ten days with no signs of weakness.

On the tenth day, however, Imperial defenders were caught unawares by this now-infamous bioform diving in on entrenched troops, stabbing left and right with its barbed ovipositor tail. Few were killed outright, but the true horror began when the Ripper eggs gestated to maturity in a matter of seconds, bursting forth in a shower of gore and sowing chaos within the trench lines.

The defenders of Mortrex were unable to resist simultaneous attacks that came from within and without, as the rising tide of Rippers overwhelmed them. In just two weeks, the planet had been overrun by a chittering carpet of teeth and claws,* and it was soon rendered a lifeless ball of dust. That voracious speed can be replicated in your games with the Enfolding Strike stratagem, which lets you infect enemy combatants with a drive-by sting. 

TYR Parasite Mar25 Box

The scant few survivors nicknamed the creature itself ‘the Parasite’, which no doubt irritated members of the Ordo Biologis greatly. They were unwilling** to discuss their ordeal any further, which might explain why confirmed sightings have since been so rare. Until now, that is…

Toxicrenes are one of the giant beast-breeds engineered by the Hive Fleets, specialised in biowarfare. These towering monsters are known for the lashing toxic tendrils that grasp and slash at their foes, and the clouds of semi-sentient spores they pump out of their carapace chimneys.

These two potent bioweapons – shared with its smaller Venomthrope cousins – make the Toxicrene the perfect response to massed INFANTRY. Charge this living spore factory into your opponent’s squads, and they’ll soon find themselves embraced in a cloud of Choking Spores. This relaxing aromatherapy session dissolves the enemy’s stress (as well as their flesh and organs), making it that much harder for them to land a hit.

TYRToxicrene Mar23 Choking

This new aura of corrosive corpuscles is bad enough, but the Toxicrene’s Hypertoxic Miasma is also making a return – and it’s nastier than ever. A byproduct of the spores churned out by this chitinous chain-smoker, this venomous fog burns everything it touches, inflicting mortal wounds on enemies just for being in Engagement Range of a Toxicrene – and rendering them unable to fight until after all of your units have had their turn.*

TYRToxicrene Mar23 Miasma

All this makes the Toxicrene an ideal escort for your melee swarms. Its debilitating cloud of hurt renders enemies useless in combat, slow to strike back and unable to hit even when they do, but won’t even tickle your Hormagaunts – they’ve probably smelled worse deodorant inside the Hive Fleet’s locker rooms.**

That isn’t everything this vile beast can offer your forces, either. As well as being a mobile area denial biomorph, it boasts Massive Toxic Lashes that are lethal in both the Shooting phase, where they sport 2D6 attacks, and the Fight phase, where they get a massive 12 attacks.

TYRToxicrene Mar23 ToxicLashes

These wound anything except VEHICLES or TITANIC foes on a roll of 2+, which means the Toxicrene will effortlessly tear apart even the most elite infantry with its flailing feelers. And since it’s a MONSTER, it can shoot within Engagement Range – you don’t want to get bogged down against this tentacled terror.

Of course, you might not have a choice. Hive Mind players might remember the Grasping Tendrils Stratagem – that’s back, but as an entirely free ability. Once per turn, each Toxicrene can use its Massive Grasping Tendrils to envelop an enemy unit – on a D6 roll of a 3+ (or 2+, if they’re INFANTRY), they can’t Fall Back at all.

There are plenty of ways to increase the potency of this particular biomorph in the upcoming Codex: Tyranids. As a MONSTER it can benefit from the Warp Shielding Synaptic Imperative – use your Zoanthropes to create a baleful bulwark that will eat away your opponent’s defence while miring them in suffocating spores and noxious hugs.

Yesterday we took a look at some of the biggest bugs that the Tyranids have to offer, and today we’ll be answering that age-old question which keeps Guardsmen awake in their bunks at night – would you rather fight one Carnifex-sized Hormagaunt, or 10 Hormagaunt-sized Carnifexes? That’s right, we’re talking about the many terrifying improvements Codex: Tyranids is bestowing upon the many millions of wee critters that make the Hive Fleet work.

Hormagaunts, Termagants, and Gargoyles are rapacious locusts that swarm at the Hive Mind’s command – if locusts were about the size of a tiger and armed with organic bio-weaponry. This seething tide of mandibles, talons, guns, tails, and other errant limbs only grows in power when directed by cunning SYNAPSE creatures, forming a carpet of doom that covers the battlefield. 

Feeding so many hungry mouths can be a challenge. Ordinarily, models only get to fight if they’re within Engagement Range – or within ½” of a buddy who themselves is within ½” of the enemy. That’s great for chompy chonkers with big bases, like the Tyrant Guard, but how do you squeeze a whole swarm of little lads into nibbling range?

The Norn-Queens have spliced together a solution – the new Swarming Masses ability.

TYRSwarmRules Mar18 SwarmingMasses

This aptly-named ability allows models to fight if they are within 2 ½” of any enemy units, meaning you can pile on plenty more bodies in every Fight phase. That’s massive, and shows how these surging hosts use numbers to their advantage – but it’s made even better by the Hormagaunts’ new stats.

We have no idea what the Hive Mind is feeding these fiends, but they’re more aggressive than ever before, sporting an extra 2” of Movement, another Attack, and a Save characteristic of 5+. They also keep their iconic Bounding Leap ability, which lets them pile in an extra 3” each time they fight – swarming the enemy has never been so easy.

TYRSwarmRules Mar18 HormStat

Whilst these improvements alone make Hormagaunts much more vicious, the new codex is squirming with ways to render them downright terrifying. The CORE keyword, for example, means you’ll be able to lather on targeted buffs from leader-beasts like the Hive Tyrant or Broodlord.

We can’t wait to send a massive swarm into a feeding frenzy with a Synaptic Imperative – use your Tyranid Warriors to trigger Goaded to Slaughter, and watch as every unmodified hit roll of 6 scores an extra hit. You’ll be throwing enough dice to cover the table in wound rolls.

A shadow hangs over the galaxy in Warhammer 40,000, the shadow of the Hive Fleets. Codex: Tyranids is making its way inexorably towards fans, presumably to devour them – or at least their hobby time.

We’ve already seen the Synaptic Imperative rule, and now we’re moving on from brains to gene-spliced brawn as we take a look at the most enormous beasts the Tyranids can bring to battle. There are fundamental changes to the latest evolutions of these biomorphic fiends from the old versions you once knew.

Every big bug in the army is improving, but we’re going to take a look at two of the biggest winners in a codex that is absolutely packed with more grisly gargantuans than you shake a bonesword at.

First up, it’s the old workhorse* of the Tyranid hive fleet, the trusty Carnifex. These rugged and adaptable beasties can support a whole host of biomorphs and weapons, such as stranglethorn talons, scything talons, and deathspitters.

Every one of them is a living battering ram designed to inflict maximum carnage whilst soaking up heavy firepower. To that end, they have evolved improved movement, weapon skill, wound, and save characteristics in the new codex.

TYRMonsterStats Mar17 CarnifexStat

These vanguard organisms now get into combat faster and stick around longer – something that should put fear into commanders who think they know how to deal with a Carnifex brood. 

On top of those four attacks, their scything talons now grant an additional attack each time they fight, so a classic four-talon loadout will attack eight times, with AP -3 attacks that do 3 damage each.


Carnifexes have even inherited the rock-hard chitin exoskeletons that the Hive Fleet experimented with in the recent Crusher Stampedes, granting them damage reduction. We can imagine the Hive Mind cackling in its multitudinous voices as it pushes a Synaptic Imperative over the swarm, making them even more formidable.

TYRMonsterStats Mar17 ArmouredExo

Carnifexes aren’t the only colossal creatures getting juiced up by the Hive Fleet. Maleceptors have also received upgrades, including a pip of extra movement and toughness, more wounds, and improved ballistic and weapon skill.**

This makes it easier to plunge one into the thick of the action, which is even more valuable thanks to the new Synaptic Imperatives, especially since this particular synapse node doubles up as a giant psychic shotgun.

TYRMonsterStats Mar17 MaleceptorStat

This is far from everything the Hive Fleets have up their chitinous sleeves for their titanic terrors, but you’ll have to wait for Codex: Tyranids reap the benefits of the Hive Fleet’s evolutons. Keep checking on the Warhammer Community site as we delve even deeper into the unknowable machinations of the Hive Mind.

The tendrils of the Hive Fleets are inexorably coiling their way around the galaxy, choking out the stars and preparing to tuck into a billion-course meal. The monstrous Codex: Tyranids is on the way, so it’s time to grab your rubber gloves and cut through the chitin to study its pulsating, rules-filled heart.

Our first point of observation – these voracious bugs have evolved. Tyranid armies have always been guided by powerful SYNAPSE creatures, living psychic relays for the Hive Mind’s control – but these vital beasties are now packing a set of all-new powers known as Synaptic Imperatives


If every unit from your army has the HIVE TENDRIL keyword, and they all come from the same Hive Fleet,* then at the start of each battle round you can choose to activate one Synaptic Imperative. These are powerful, aura-like abilities that radiate from each and every SYNAPSE unit in your army until the end of that round – and depending on your swarm’s composition, you’ll be able to pick between a jaw-dropping 10 of them.

Each breed of SYNAPSE creature in your army grants access to a different Synaptic Imperative – think of it as a beast transmitting its specialised instincts across the rest of the Hive Mind’s command beacons. So if you have a Hive Tyrant in your army (perhaps courtesy of the massive new Combat Patrol), you’ll be able to activate the Relentless Ferocity ability.

40k TyranidsSynapse Mar16 Boxout1

Relentless Ferocity is perfect for repositioning and keeping up pressure on the front lines, as allies within 6” can launch fresh charges even after falling back. Remember, this doesn’t just affect units near your Hive Tyrant – if chosen, every SYNAPSE unit in your army will start emitting the same Synaptic Imperative.

You can’t pick the same Synaptic Imperative more than once per battle, and you’ll need the unit that grants it to actually be on the battlefield, but those are the only restrictions. There are big rewards for those who pack their army with a wide range SYNAPSE creatures, and who can pick the right moment to trigger their Imperatives. However, if one of these creatures dies before you can use its Imperative, you lose that option for good – so don’t let the enemy eliminate all your Tyranid Warriors before you have the chance to fire off Goaded to Slaughter

40k TyranidsSynapse Mar16 Boxout2

Hormagaunts and Genestealers are scary enough – now imagine them getting extra hits while they’re within 6” of Tyranid Warriors. Now imagine them getting extra hits while they’re within 6” of any SYNAPSE creature in your army! Your Warriors don’t even need to be near them – they can hang back in the rear, blasting away with venom cannons and deathspitters, and broadcast their terrifying instincts through other SYNAPSE units on the front lines.

It isn’t all aggression, though – the alien and unknowable Hive Mind** can bring its immense psychic powers to bear through Zoanthropes, activating the Warp Shielding ability to protect its most essential combat bioforms.

40k TyranidsSynapse Mar16 Boxout3

This Synaptic Imperative adds amazing survivability to your tide of ravenous critters, granting a 4+ invulnerable save to MONSTERS and a 5+ invulnerable save to everyone else. Your foes will really have something to worry about when you thrust a heap of suddenly nigh-invulnerable Carnifexes into their most valuable units.***

With 10 different Synaptic Imperatives to choose between – including one tied to a certain newly-spotted skyborne gribbly – you’ll have a mouth-watering menu of strategic options for overrunning your cowering foes.

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40k TyranidParasite Mar8 Image1

Wait, could that be? Yes, it’s the legendary Parasite of Mortrex! This winged Tyranid monstrosity will soon cast a gruesome shadow over the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000.

This huge flying gribbly – first encountered on the planet of Mortrex – was originally mentioned in the 5th edition Tyranid codex, and Crusade rules have allowed Tyranid characters to mimic its horrifying implant attack… but nothing compares to the real deal. With its new plastic model, this classic critter is lunging out of the lore and onto the tabletop for the first time ever. 


This beastie has the SYNAPSE keyword, giving it sway over lesser bioforms like Gargoyles and making airborne swarms an altogether more tasty (and horrifying) prospect. Better still, it has a fairly worrying statline of its own, with a monstrous 16” Move characteristic and enough of a melee punch to gobble up weaker foes all by itself.

40k TyranidParasite Mar8 Boxout2

The Parasite’s clawed limbs can rip enemies to shreds, but just wait until you see what it can do with its barbed ovipositor – that’s that pointy bit it uses to lay eggs, just in case you’re not familiar with Ordo Xenos lingo. Spoiler alert – there are about to be a LOT more Ripper Swarms running around.

40k TyranidParasite Mar8 Boxout1

Bringing new life into the world is never easy – unless you’re a Tervigon – and the Parasite’s victims can suffer mortal wounds round after round as newborn Rippers gnaw their way out of enemy hosts. It gets worse – these literal stomach bugs will also itch any survivors into such a frenzy that they lose their Objective Secured ability.

40k TyranidParasite Mar8 Boxout3

This ability makes the Parasite of Mortrex more than just a horrifying annoyance – it can swoop behind enemy lines to infect units parked on vital objectives, replacing whole squads with fresh Ripper Swarms that can claim the battlefield for the Hive Mind.