Games Workshop Stock Market Watch July 2022

by | Aug 11, 2022

Watching stocks over the short-term is often an experiment in futility; on May 11th 2022 we looked back at the state of Games Workshop’s stock and financial health, and today we do the same…

July 2022 was all about peak inflation and the on going global economic struggles as many counties headed for recession. July also saw the British Prime Minister fall, all the while a favorite game company Games Workshop released its long awaited annual report. If you squint really hard and follow terrible Youtubers you would think the sky was falling for the company, but the devil is always in the details. 

So with that lets take a look at how the stock performed for the month of July 2022.

Games Workshop was over 10% for the month of July, with the biggest gains coming in anticipation and release of the Annual Report. Plugging that into the Year to Date sheet you get this.

As you can see the Games Workshop stock is not in the rosiest place, being down 25% for the year, but compared to most stocks around the world this is really par for the course. The Annual Report also doesn’t feature any super red flags, with licensing revenue and profit being the the big drivers to beat earnings from the pervious year. In addition, as usual Games Workshop also gave out another dividend to go along with the report. 

There is though some fun things of note you can though find in the report.

  • The only mention of Warhammer+ is a not so glowing “early stages” comment, along with Online trade sales that included Warhammer+ are down 2 million from the previous year?
  • Lost 4 Million from getting out of Russia.
  • Brexit costing 3.4 supply chain costs. 
  • Australia and China not showing growth.
  • Blaming some lagging Sigmar sales on supply chains.
  • Moral has been an issue in the company, but working to resolve it.
  • Still trying to find a partner to bring Warhammer to the “screen”. 

Here is the rest of the July investor press releases. 

Total Voting Rights

Annual Report: 2021-2022

Dividend Declaration


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