Games Workshop Stock Market Watch September 2022

by | Oct 13, 2022

Watching stocks over the short-term is often an experiment in futility; on September 15th 2022 we looked back at the state of Games Workshop’s stock and financial health, and today we do the same…

In September 2022, a Queen died, an invaded country went on the offensive, and inflation continued to roll through the world. As well, the US Dollar is on the brink of causing currency wars we haven’t seen in a generation. So, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the world stock markets were just not feeling it.

Taking that all in let’s look at how Games Workshop stock performed for the month of September 2022.


Games Workshop stock was down around 25% for month the most dramatic drop in since before the summer. Now let us put that into the year to date data.


Games Workshop stock is down to over 50% for the year! Even in the context of other retail/manufacturing stocks this is pretty bad. There is really no easy out for Games Workshop, because between a weak pound, continued Brexit fallout, energy and logistic costs things just can’t be looking that rosy. This though hasn’t stopped the company from giving out Dividends yet again, when logic says they should hold the balance sheet tight instead.

Here is the of the September investor press releases with lots of news to report.

Total Voting Rights

Block listing interim review

Block listing application

Trading Update and Dividend

AGM Announcement

Director Shareholding




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